Don't Donate to the Red Cross

Andy Cush · 10/29/14 10:00AM

Donating to charity, especially in a time of crisis, can be intimidating. There are so many options. How do you know the organization you choose will use the money effectively? You might pick one with a history, a pedigree, a name you can trust. You might pick the American Red Cross. Fuck that.

Tell Us Your Hurricane Sandy Story

Max Read · 10/29/13 03:29PM

One year ago today, Hurricane Sandy touched ground in southern New Jersey, merging with another storm front to create a "superstorm" that knocked out power for millions, killing more than 100, and leaving some 24 states with billions of dollars of damage.

Lacey Donohue · 10/27/13 06:57PM

Mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota believe that their final debate Tuesday should be rescheduled because it will take place on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy hitting New York. "We need to remember," Lhota said. "I think it's very, very important to do that."

Prince Harry Rushes To Jersey Shore Scene of Hurricane Sandy Damage

Ken Layne · 05/14/13 10:41AM

The Royals are expected to do something now and then, and nothing says "I happen to be partying in New York" like Prince Harry taking a somewhat tardy disaster tour of the New Jersey shoreline devastated by Hurricane Sandy seven months ago.

'FU Sandy' Beer to Benefit Sandy Relief

Robert Kessler · 01/20/13 05:23PM

Charity is great and all, but oftentimes there's just not enough drinking involved. Thankfully, New Jersey-based Flying Fish Brewery is here to help. Flying Fish has announced a new brew called FU Sandy; all of the proceeds will benefit hurricane relief.

House Republicans to Sandy Victims: Drop Dead

Max Read · 01/02/13 10:27AM

After almost killing the fiscal cliff deal over the course of a few bizarre hours yesterday, you'd think it'd be impossible for House Republicans to make themselves look any more cruel and petty...

NYPD and Occupy Wall Street Worked Together to Prevent Post-Sandy Crime

Taylor Berman · 12/05/12 10:26PM

Now that they're done pepper spraying defenseless protesters, the NYPD is working with Occupy Wall Street to combat crime. In the weeks after Hurricane Sandy, the Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn was without, as the New York Post puts it, "power or electricity," leaving residents and businesses vulnerable to any number of crimes. And yet, no storm-related crime was reported, despite spikes in other NYC neighborhoods. The reason?

James Dolan Continues Screwing Over Hurricane Sandy Victims, for Money (UPDATE)

Cord Jefferson · 11/13/12 01:50PM

Earlier this month, James Dolan's Madison Square Garden Company drew fire when we revealed it was demanding all its New York City-area employees, many of whom were still suffering the damages of Hurricane Sandy, to either report to work or use their vacation time. Today, Dolan's other company, Cablevision, is taking a similar tack when it comes to having sympathy for Sandy's victims.

The MTA Gets Back to Its Core Business of Screwing New Yorkers

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/12 09:36AM

Let's all give a hand to New York's MTA, for their work after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Really. They had to get an entire system back on line, despite extensive damage and heavy public pressure, and they did it. Let's just take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of all those workers who got down in dark, flooded tunnels and fixed that whole mess so this city could get moving again. We salute you all. This moment in time represents the most public good will the notoriously poorly managed MTA has had in many years.