Here is the Cover for George W. Bush's 'Memoir'

Max Read · 04/26/10 03:05AM

How dumb and lazy is George W. Bush? So dumb and lazy that he can't even write a real memoir! Instead, he will write "an account of key decisions in his life." We have some guesses about what those are.

Google Street View lands in Lower Ninth Ward

Jackson West · 08/08/08 09:20AM

Feared and loathed Mountain View ad firm Google got a lot of deservedly good press for being a font of telling data in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, especially the satellite imagery provided by the Maps team. Now the company has added Greater New Orleans — from Metairie to Algiers, Shreveport to Baton Rouge — to street view. You can check in on every parade turn, strip joint, turtle souper and streetcar turnaround you might remember. But anyone might notice that the time disparity between the satellite and street-level photographs of the region are striking in visual contrast.The satellite imagery shows a nest of buildings further ramshackled in the wake of the flood, while the curbside angle shows thick, expansive verdure where ensuing demolition has left empty lots. YouTube footage provides heart-wrenching narrative counterpoint. I think I just shed a single, sincere tear for Google's seemingly earnest altruism. Nice work.

'Disaster Movie' Tactfully Sets Premiere Date on Third Anniversary of Katrina Disaster

Kyle Buchanan · 08/05/08 06:40PM

While you might expect to be mildly offended by the people behind Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans, it's usually because they're coming out with more movies rather than because of anything in the films themselves. Now, though, they've made the classy move of premiering their latest spoof, Disaster Movie, on August 29th — the third anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Remainders: Cruise Hiding The Money Quote, War of the Worlds Continues

pevans · 08/24/06 07:22PM

• Nikki Finke reveals the missing money quote from the War of the Worlds: Viacom Vs. Cruise edition. [Deadline Hollywood]
• William H Macy wants to can Lindsay Lohan, probably because she dated Jared Leto briefly in '05. [Celebrity Week]
• The themes are: Incest, drug addiction, and promiscuous sex. Hmmm must be a Marie Claire party. [FWD]
• This couple from the m nage a laptop story real do get around [Salon]
• Video of 6'7" Jewish Rapper with dreadlocks. Nuff said, no? [ANIMAL]
• Katrina Anniversary Concert: featuring The Roots, Moby, Rosie Perez, Julia Stules and more. [Beyond Katrina]

'Newsweek' Loves Its Heroes, Hates Anderson Cooper

Jesse · 06/26/06 03:52PM

Newsweek's cover this week is its first-ever "Giving Back Awards," a sort of honor of 15 people who "devote themselves to helping others." Naturally at least one or two members of such a list must have Katrina connections. One Katrina-connected award winner, as you might expect, was a certain CNN anchor who channeled the publics' anger at government officials and was ultimately transformed by the experience. By which we mean Soledad O'Brien, of course.

Chris Rock Loses His (Expletive Deleted) on CNN

Jesse · 09/30/05 08:57AM

A transcript cannot really capture what we're told was the true stoneditude of the live event, but, still, it's worth nothing at least this snippet of Chris Rock's appearance on Anderson Cooper 360° last night, touting the relief efforts he and has wife are spearheading for Katrina victims in Houston:

Anderson, Soliciting

Jesse · 09/29/05 05:00PM

This just in from a bookworld tipster who, experience suggests, knows of what he speaks:

Morning Shows Battle for Sensitivity Crown

Jessica · 09/29/05 10:39AM

In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Americans are reaching out with their hearts, hands, and wallets to help those displaced by the disaster. No one's quite as generous, however, as the folks behind competing morning shows Today and Good Morning America, which are both furiously tailoring their programming to display their charitable efforts, which include building homes and adopting towns:

Not Bad for Barely Six Paragraphs

Jessica · 09/27/05 04:52PM

This article, we'd like to note, was not written by Alessandra Stanley. In fact, it's an AP item — it's comforting to know the Times just throws that shit up there without giving it a once-over first.

Media Bubble: Psst! Don't Tell Anyone, But Two Networks Lack Anchors.

Jesse · 09/27/05 03:08PM

• "ABC, CBS Secretly Search for Anchors," says AP hed. Yes, no one had any idea. [AP via Newsday]
• Shocker: Plame fallout makes sources less likely to trust reporters' promises of anonymity. [AJR]
• And another shocker: Bush SCOTUS nominee doesn't like the press. [NYT]
• Slightly more Americans trust the media than don't. Rejoice! [Gallup]
• Media more interested in Cocaine Kate than in Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's stock sale. Can't imagine why. [Media Matters]
• Friday's kick-off party for The New Yorker Festival featured James Woolsey, Jonathan Franzen, and Gilbert Gottfried. [WWD]
• Mags hold benefits for Katrina victims. [MIN]