Troubled Water: What I Learned Teaching Hurricane Katrina in the Classroom

Crystal Hayes · 08/29/15 01:55PM

I began teaching in the Social Work Department at North Carolina State University in 2011. As a faculty member teaching the anti-oppression social justice course, I sought to use the lessons of Hurricane Katrina to talk about the history of systemic oppression in the United States.

Chicago Tribune Op-Ed Writer Envious Hurricane Katrina Didn't Hit Chicago Instead

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/14/15 01:18PM

This month marks the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the storm that ravaged New Orleans leaving 1,833 of its citizens dead. There are a lot of reasonable emotions to feel in response to this particular tragedy—sadness, grief, and anger, to name a few. How about envy? Sure, I guess—so says one brave Chicago Tribune op-ed writer who isn’t afraid to present herself as a potential sociopath in her quest to expose Chicago’s inadequacies.

Watch a CNN Reporter Compare the Disabled Carnival Cruise Ship to Hurricane Katrina

Taylor Berman · 02/15/13 12:24AM

As you're all probably well aware, the shit-covered Carnival cruise ship finally arrived in Mobile, Alabama earlier tonight. CNN dropped all other news to cover the event as though it were some sort of national disaster, which it clearly isn't. Only don't tell that to CNN's Martin Savidge, who during an interview with passenger Rob Kenny, compared conditions aboard the ship to life in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina. You know, the storm that killed thousands and nearly destroyed a major U.S. city. Thankfully, Kenny put Savidge in his place, telling him: "Well, let's put that in perspective. Katrina was a major a devastation. We're out on a freaking cruise ship, and just out here having a good time...those are two different things."

George W. Bush on Kanye West: "Disgusting"

Matt Cherette · 11/08/10 09:00PM

Tonight, NBC aired Decision Points, its interview of former President George W. Bush by Matt Lauer. When the topic of Hurricane Katrina—specifically, Kanye West's "George Bush doesn't care about black people!" outburst—came up, Bush got angry. Really angry.