Oh Look, Another Government Shutdown Is Looming

Jim Newell · 09/20/11 03:03PM

All that Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee wanted was to smash a few windows, flood some streets, and uproot an old tree here or there. But now they may indirectly end up shutting down the federal government, too! This really is a banner year for the forces of evil.

The Best Thing About the Hurricane Is This Video

Brian Moylan · 08/29/11 02:41PM

As the East Coast continues to clean up after the colossal let down of "Hurricane" Irene, at least there is one good thing that came out of the the days of food-hoarding, transit shutdowns, and watching Soapdish on Netflix Streaming (OK, Soapdish was a very good thing). Here's a great video of the wet and desolate city during the storm.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wanted the Hurricane to Be Worse

Jim Newell · 08/29/11 02:29PM

Jolly radio idiot Rush Limbaugh was in shock after Hurricane Irene didn't end up killing everyone on the eastern seaboard, and that the damage it did cause has been mostly well-managed by federal, state and local authorities. What's a Limbaugh to say about these generally positive developments? How about... Obama probably wanted the hurricane to be worse! Sure, say that.

National Guard Trucks Can Drive Underwater?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/29/11 01:29PM

Wha—? Maybe—? No, I have no idea, I'm not going to bother trying to evaluate. This surreal video apparently shows a pair of National Guard trucks driving down the street in Manville, NJ, fully submerged in water. At the end of the video, camo-uniformed guardsmen climb out the windows and onto the vehicles' roofs. As the increasingly annoying cameraman wonders, "How is that possible?"

Irene: The All-Encompassing Terror-Storm That Wasn't

Lauri Apple · 08/28/11 01:11PM

Restaurants in New York City have been tweeting their Sunday brunch offerings, not their structural damages reports. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is declaring "the worst" to be over. A few city streets were flooded, but it wasn't that bad, and the vast majority of people who live along Irene's blustery path up and down the East Coast have survived. How can this be?

Live from New York: Hurricane Irene

Lauri Apple · 08/27/11 05:32PM

If you don't live in New York City, you might be wondering what the place might look like and/or how it might change while being pummeled by a raging monster-cane. Thanks to a live-cam, you can find out ever so conveniently!

New York Gets Ready for Irene

Lauri Apple · 08/27/11 04:49PM

Sandbags, plywood, police tape, bottled water, and unbending courage: These are the survival tools of the disaster-prepared New Yorker. Check out our photo gallery to see how NYC has prepared itself for the soggy, windy Irene-ing to come.

The Upside to a Hurricane

Brian Moylan · 08/26/11 04:47PM

Right now everyone is griping about Hurricane Irene. "It's ruining my weekend!" "I'm being evacuated!" "This is the worst!" Oh, shut up, everyone. This hurricane is going to be great! Here's why.

How Are You Preparing for Hurricane Irene?

Brian Moylan · 08/26/11 03:10PM

Everyone is flipping out about this damn hurricane that's going to batter the East Coast either tomorrow or Sunday. Have you evacuated? If so, where are you headed? If not, what are you gonna do? Let us know.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Brian Moylan · 08/25/11 06:23PM

Did you hear? Hurricane Irene is going to slam into New York City like Lindsay Lohan slamming into the sidewalk in front of a nightclub. It's going to be horrible! But we're sure you can make it through if you prepare adequately. Here's how.

Will Hurricane Irene Destroy NYC? Place Your Bets

Hamilton Nolan · 08/25/11 01:06PM

As you know because you are currently reading this blog post on your handheld device as you stand in line at Home Depot where you're purchasing plywood, duct tape, and guns (shhhh), Hurricane Irene is allegedly headed straight for New York City. Is it even worth worrying?

Kate Winslet Escapes Fiery Hurricane Hell on Richard Branson's Island

Maureen O'Connor · 08/22/11 11:55AM

As we speak, Hurricane Irene (upgraded from "tropical storm" this morning and the first Atlantic hurricane of the season) is ravaging the Caribbean. So obviously, the next question on your mind must be, "But how are local celebrities doing?" The New York Post will have you know that Kate Winslet narrowly escaped a fire at Richard Branson's private isle in the British Virgin Islands. Branson's guests all got out safely, but his home, office, and "thousands of photographs" were "completely destroyed."