Hurricane-Force Winds Kill Seven in Europe

Sarah Hedgecock · 10/28/13 01:00PM

Hurricane-force winds smashed parts of the UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany today The storm cut off power, caused floods and killed seven people.

Welcome to Temporary Gawker

Emma Carmichael · 10/30/12 09:55AM

Hi there. Our servers remain down due to storm damage, but we'll be posting here until is up and running. Thanks for your patience.

New Jersey TV Reporter Narrowly Escapes Terrifying Irene Attack

Lauri Apple · 08/28/11 10:03PM

While some television reporters bravely ate toxic sea bile and stayed strong in the midst of surprise penis invasions while reporting from the front-lines of the Irene War, others were frightened by the very thought of hurricane-tainted waters. Watch as this reporter, embedded in Asbury Park, N.J. and decked out in what appears to be a full-body weatherproof suit, runs from the puniest of ocean waves. Whoah! Let's get out of here!

Irene Downgraded to Tropical Storm; At Least 11 Dead

Lauri Apple · 08/28/11 09:34AM

Hurricane Irene has reached New York City and is expected to hang around here until the afternoon before heading north into New England. Though she's still causing flooding, power outages, and heavy winds, she's been downgraded to a tropical storm—raging at only 65 mph, instead of yesterday's hurricaney highs. As we did yesterday, we'll keep you posted throughout the day—so keep checking back here for updates.

Irene Death Toll Reaches Five; D.C., NYC Bracing Themselves

Lauri Apple · 08/27/11 09:43AM

This morning the "eye wall" of Hurricane Irene reached land just east of Cape Lookout in North Carolina—sweeping away dunes, flooding beaches, destroying a pier in kinda-nearby Atlantic Beach, and causing power outages. The old girl's not as strong as we thought she'd be, though! The latest, with updates below.

Study: Op-Ed Pages Full of Boring Important People

Hamilton Nolan · 08/25/11 02:28PM

In your soggy Thursday media column: hurricane coverage rules the universe, commenters can sometimes write, John Podhoretz discusses cocks, the NYT op-ed section is not working class, and Jack Shafer says goodbye.

New Orleans. Doomed Again?

ian spiegelman · 08/30/08 03:15PM

Realizing that no Federal or local agency will be able to do much of anything when Hurricane Gustav reaches New Orleans, Mayor Ray Nagin has initiated the mandatory evacuation of half the city's coastal parishes today. And he when he says get out, he means it. There will be no emergency centers and the Superdome will not be a scene of mass chaos and tragedy this time around-because it's going to be closed. More on the evacuation, and video of Nagin's scary-ass warning, after the jump.

Mike Tyson To Siphon Off Of Jamie Foxx's Gravitas

Rebecca · 02/24/08 01:34PM

Jamie Foxx is the poor man's Denzel Washington, so it makes sense that he's set to play Mike Tyson in the boxer's upcoming biopic. Washington's boxer, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter embodied many of the racial tensions of the 1960s. Mike Tyson is just a crazy dude with a thing for pigeons. Good thing Foxx knows how to play crazy. [ShowBiz Spy]

New York City's Hurricane Preparedness Plan: Prepare to Die

Pareene · 10/05/05 10:30AM

You know how it's really easy and not at all a crowded logistical nightmare to get from one part of the city to another during rush hour? Or, even easier, to attempt, with everyone else, to leave the city altogether on one of our reliable and convenient commuter rail systems, bridges, or tunnels? Now pretend you're doing it while a category 4 hurricane completely submerges everything below Canal St. and large swaths of Brooklyn and Queens — yes, getting off this floating death trap should be a cinch — right, City Office of Emergency Management?