The Budapest Train Station Where Refugees Are Trapped, Scammed, and, Sometimes, Helped

Nicholas Cameron · 09/15/15 03:55PM

Standing on the platform in Budapest’s Keleti Station after guiding the final group of refugees onto the trains this past Friday evening, Ibrahim Kasem explained the situation to me. A kindergarten teacher originally from Syria himself (he speaks Arabic), Kasem is one of three translators consistently seen on the platform aiding refugees. He acknowledged that the shortage of professional aid was affecting their abilities to help.

The "Autocratic Crackdown" Threatening Hungary's Freedom of Press

Aleksander Chan · 09/12/14 02:35PM

Hungary's tightening vice on its press amounts to "an autocratic crackdown," Philip N. Howard, a professor at the Central European University and at the University of Washington, writes in the New York Times—taking specific aim at Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's control of the country's Media Authority, which monitors media competition and issues broadcast licenses:

"I so drunk as North America's largest": on the Denton Wedding

Max Read · 06/10/14 10:55AM

From time to time, is pleased to present content from, the "foul-mouthed Hungarian news blog" with which we share a parent company. Today, we bring you the story of the wedding of Nick Denton, told by Szily László, and translated by Google.

Editor of Hungarian News Site Fired After Critical Government Report

Aleksander Chan · 06/06/14 09:12AM

Gergo Saling, the editor-in-chief of, a popular Hungarian news site, was fired Monday shortly after the site published a series of critical reports about the Hungarian government, the last of which was about State Secretary Janos Lazar and his multimillion travel expenses. Critics are accusing the Hungarian government of taking advantage of its cushy relationship with Deutsche Telekom—the huge telecommunications corporation that owns, through a chain of subsidiaries,—to silence news organizations that criticize the government.

Tom Scocca · 05/07/13 02:57PM

(The beer-through-the-ears video below is brought to you from Cink, which is like Gawker an online publication in the Blogwire Hungary Szellemi Alkotast Hasznosito KFT family.)

Check Out Hungary's Eerie Steve Jobs Statue

Ryan Tate · 12/13/11 08:02PM

Steve Jobs could fairly be remembered as either a madman or as a business deity. If this seven-foot-tall, 485-pound bronze statue out of Hungary is any indication, he'll be worshipped as the latter rather than mocked as the former.

Toxic Sludge in Hungary Burns Victims 'To the Bone'

Jeff Neumann · 10/05/10 06:41AM

The Hungarian government is calling a toxic sludge spill there an "ecological disaster" and has declared a state of emergency after three people were killed and over 100 injured when a reservoir at an alumina plant ruptured. Six are missing.

Blazing Saddle

Jeff Neumann · 07/17/10 02:13PM

[Hungary is in the midst of a heat wave, prompting the government to issue a weather alert. Some Budapest residents were undeterred and ventured outside anyway. Image via AP]

Steve Ballmer gets egged in Hungary

Nicholas Carlson · 05/19/08 10:00AM

Speaking at the Hungarian University of Economy today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got egg on his face and not in the figurative sense. Hungary's government spends millions on licenses to use Microsoft software at its universities and this market lockdown is apparently so upsetting to some Hungarians — how will they ever learn to use Linux? — that during today's speech, one attendee stood-up, yelled at Ballmer: "Give back the money of the taxpayers!" and then started chucking eggs. We disapprove, but only because we know Ballmer prefers bananas. A nice banana-cream pie-ing would have made a European matched-pair with the earlier prank on Bill Gates. Watch the egging in the clip embedded above.