HBO Cancels All the Good Shows, Renews the Crappy One

Brian Moylan · 12/20/11 01:23PM

The axe is falling at HBO today just like it fell on Ned Stark's head on Game of Thrones (spoiler alert!) and the networked cancelled Hung, How to Make It in America, and Bored to Death. But don't worry, seven people who watched Enlightened, it's coming back for more.

Hung Actor Used to Be a Gay Prostitute

Brian Moylan · 10/03/11 03:05PM

Thomas Jane, who plays a heterosexual prostitute on HBO's Hung opened up his past as a gay hustler in his younger days to the L.A. Times. Talk about going method! Strangely enough, this is probably the first time gay men are going to get all upset about a hunky actor talking about having man-on-man action.

Jaime Pressly's Third Chance

Richard Lawson · 03/01/11 04:32PM

The blonde spitfire is getting another crack at the bat. Also today: more TV roles have been filled, from Hung to human computers, and Quentin might make a Western while Tim might make a Hunchback.

Hung: Damen and Tanya Form An Unlikely Relationship

Arielle Sklar · 09/13/10 02:50PM

On the season finale of Hung, Damen entreats Tanya to be his poetry mentor because he finds her "kind of awesome." She replies by detailing her fallibility (as she recently beat her boss with a belt). Video inside.

Hung: Chicks Dig the Long Ball

Tom Dobrowolski · 08/23/10 03:46PM

On last night's Hung, Ray gets a chance to relive his glory days when he participates in a baseball game between the students and alumni. The old man proves he's still got some left in the tank by going yard.

Ray Gets Busy with a Very Pregnant Lady on Hung

Lissette Aguilar · 07/12/10 01:21PM

Everyone needs some lovin' every once in a while, and amateur gigolo Ray is there to satisfy that need. In this clip, Ray gets it on with a seven-months pregnant woman whose husband has abandoned her.

Hung: A Guide to Pimp-Whore Relations

Chris Dignes · 06/28/10 05:36PM

A pimp walks into The Donut Hole and her gigolo later tosses his ball around. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, goodnight! Tip your waitresses, I'll be here all week.

Hung and Nurse Jackie: Shows We'll Warily Watch

Richard Lawson · 06/29/09 01:15PM

So who watched Hung last night? HBO's latest installment in its string of series depicting lives lived on the fringes of America is about a well-endowed gym teacher who becomes a gigolo to earn some extra cash. It was... good?

Switch-Hitter Anne Heche Goes To Bat for 'Hung'

Seth Abramovitch · 02/10/09 11:51AM

· Anne Heche will play the ex-wife of Ray, the anatomically superendowed protagonist of Hung. She replaces Kristin Bauer, last seen being escorted away in a wheelchair, dead-eyed and repeating, "The diameter...the diameter..." [THR]

Alexander Payne, HBO Chase the 'Large-Penised' Demo With New Series

STV · 05/09/08 03:35PM

In a continuing creative victory for horse-geezered men around the world, HBO has brought Alexander Payne on board as the director of its new series Hung. Picked up by the network less than a month ago, the dark comedy is about "a well-endowed man ... who was once a high school sports legend, but is now plodding along in middle age as a struggling father and high school basketball coach. His luck begins to change, however, when he figures out a way to use his best asset." Or, as we hear creators Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin pitched it, "Kind of like Sideways, but with a huge dick where the pinot noir goes."