Who Is Dumber, Democrats or Republicans? 

Hamilton Nolan · 03/31/15 03:23PM

Here in the liberal media, we all like to joke, in our little liberal elite cabal, about how dumb Republicans are. And Republicans sure are dumb! But are they dumber than Democrats?

Time to Retire, Dave Barry

Hamilton Nolan · 12/29/14 12:30PM

I'm not "too cool" to admit that Dave Barry was funny. Dave Barry was funny. Was funny. I'm saddened to announce that Dave Barry's funny days are now over.

LA Sheriff's Deputies Naturally Enjoy Racist Jokes

Hamilton Nolan · 07/25/13 08:34AM

The entertainment at the LA Sheriff's Department "Sheriffs Day Luncheon" yesterday was a stand-up comedian who reportedly told lots of racist jokes, and then received a plaque of appreciation from the LA Sheriff. Yes? And? Sounds like they chose the entertainment perfectly.

Jack Handey Just Can't Win

Hamilton Nolan · 07/22/13 02:36PM

Jack Handey has written "Deep Thoughts" for Saturday Night Live, "Shouts and Murmurs" for The New Yorker, and last week published his first novel, The Stench of Honolulu. He is one of the funniest living writers in the world today. He spoke to us via email about comedy, the perils of notoriety, and the best nut.

How to Use Humor on the Internet

Hamilton Nolan · 01/31/13 10:51AM

This week, internet website "The Awl" sparked a minor uproar when it ran an article parodying the voice of Business Insider's Henry Blodget under Blodget's byline—when, in fact, the article was written by someone at The Awl, as a parody. It's not hard to see the potential for confusion. How is the average reader supposed to know that Henry Blodget himself did not label his own career "a testament to the total decline in the traditional concepts of personal responsibility and moral behavior?"

It Sucks When Link Can't Talk

Brian Ashcraft · 07/08/11 03:00AM

Link is the strong, but silent type. Really, really silent. Like, he doesn't talk. Sometimes that's a good thing, because he's not blabbering on about stupid thing. Sometimes, it's really bad.