Sea Lion Eager to Join Human Family

Dayna Evans · 02/20/15 11:15AM

Being a sea lion is fine but it probably isn't as cool as being a human. Humans can walk freely in the world and eat hot dogs and see burlesque shows, etc. One eager sea lion, after becoming aware of this fact, decided to try blending in with a human family like we wouldn't fucking notice.

Tom Scocca · 10/24/13 12:07PM

In Virginia, an outdoorsman encountered a "strange and amazing animal," a huge, all-white raccoon. He'd "never seen anything remotely close" to it. So, inspired by the one-of-a-kind vision of nature's possibilities, he killed it with a crossbow.

We Now Know Why Fingers Wrinkle in Water

Maureen O'Connor · 09/12/11 12:45PM

One of the great mysteries of humankind—Why do my fingers get all wrinkly during baths?—has maybe-possibly been solved. Says science: "Much like the tread on a tire, [raisin fingers] improve traction." Sure, that sounds reasonable. Apparently the nervous system controls the wrinkle response, and it has nothing to do with bloating or water absorption. [Well, BrainBehavior&Evolution, Image via Afronova/Shutterstock]

Introducing Humans' Newest Ancestral Relative

Adrian Chen · 12/22/10 08:29PM

Scientists have discovered an entirely new species of ancient human. The Denisovans lived in Central Asia around 40,000 years ago, and we all have some of their DNA from back when they got busy with our own ancestors.

British People Are 800,000 Years Old

Max Read · 07/08/10 01:06AM

Paleontologists have discovered evidence of human habitation in Britain dating back almost a million years—possibly the "oldest uncontested site of human occupation of Europe." How did they figure this all out? Thanks to hyena poop, naturally.