Some Marc Jacobs 'Faux Fur' Jackets Also Contain Dog

Mallory Ortberg · 03/16/13 11:30AM

If you were thinking of buying a faux fur coat, how much dog fur would you consider to be "too much" dog fur while making your purchasing decisions? Because Marc Jacobs uses some dog hair in their faux fur coats, turns out.

Meat Magazine Compares the Humane Society to Hitler

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/12 03:30PM

One rock solid rule of editorial writing is, if you're against something, you always want to find a way to compare it to Hitler. This works because people hate Hitler a lot—and, through the simple principle of transference, they will have an equal amount of hate for whichever thing you compare to Hitler. This is just a basic "trick of the trade" which cannot backfire.

Madison Avenue's Pain, New Plan for Fashion Week

cityfile · 02/03/09 06:52PM

• Retail on Madison Avenue is a mess, in case you haven't noticed. More than two dozen spaces are currently on the market. [NYT]
• The plan to move Fashion Week to Lincoln Center beginning in 2010 is a done deal. [WWD]
• Jason Wu has postponed plans to launch a fur collection this fall. The Humane Society is very pleased, unsurprisingly. [WWD, WSJ]
• Liz Claiborne is cutting 725 jobs. [MW]
• Giorgio Armani has stirred up scandal with his comments about Italy's fashion scene, and his suggestion that Paris is where it's at. [Reuters]
• Scandal! Scarlett Johansson is now a brunette. [SW]