Report: More Than 10,000 Child Refugees Are Missing in Europe

Brendan O'Connor · 02/01/16 08:25PM

Europol, the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency, reports that at least 10,000 refugee children have gone missing since arriving in Europe. Brian Donald, Europol’s chief of staff, worries that an E.U.-wide “criminal infrastructure” of trafficking syndicates is targeting unaccompanied minors, the Guardian reports.

Berlusconi Named in Human Trafficking Report

Lauri Apple · 10/30/11 12:56PM

Uh-oh: The name of Italian prime minister and oversexed jack-o-lantern Silvio Berlusconi shows up in the U.S. State Department's Trafficking in Persons 2011 report. Can you guess why? If you said, "Hmmmm, well I bet it's because he had illegal relations with that Moroccan 17-year-old dancer, Karima El Mahroug, at his haunted villa of horrors," then reward yourself with a handful of delectable Mellowcreme pumpkins, because you are right.

What Was Anyone Thinking With Ashton Kutcher's New Anti-Slavery PSAs?

Richard Lawson · 04/12/11 10:22AM

Oh dear. Ashton Kutcher and his old lady Demi Moore are apparently, and justifiably, upset about human trafficking. So upset, in fact, that they called up some of their celebrity friends — Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, the Old Spice guy - and had them make anti-slavery ads. Good for them! Too bad the ads are completely befuddling.

This Pimp Has a Business Plan

Adrian Chen · 12/11/10 06:34PM

As part of an investigation on human trafficking, obtained a pimp's two-page, hand-written "business plan." His business strategy includes: "Take care my bitches more better," and "set-up a international operation."