Hillary Clinton Announces Support of Gay Marriage

Max Read · 03/18/13 10:47AM

Hillary Clinton did not, apparently, before this morning, officially support gay marriage; now, she announces in this YouTube video, she does. And only three days after conservative Republican Senator Rob Portman, too. And four years after Dick Cheney.

Watch Obama's Speech From Last Night's HRC Dinner

Lauri Apple · 10/02/11 01:24PM

Last night President Barack Obama delivered the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)'s National Dinner in Washington, DC, and spent much of his time at the podium raving about his meal. "The dinner rolls were absolutely divine," he said. "The little potatoes—well, I need to get that seasoning recipe before I leave here tonight. And the peas and carrots had the perfect amount of butter on them. I remember when I was really little, like maybe five or six, my mother used to drop a whole inch-thick cube of butter on my peas and carrots, which turned them into a fattening, greasy soup. I always told her, 'Ma,' I said, 'if you want me to eat my vegetables, you gotta lighten up on the Land o'Lakes. My arteries, man.' But she never acknowledged my simple requests, and now I bear the emotional scars of feeling invisible during my formative years."

Marc Jacobs Is the Best Thing Ever to Happen for Gay Liberation

Brian Moylan · 02/17/10 04:43PM

The power gays are always trying to whitewash the gay world to convince mainstream culture we're "normal." What they really need is a poster boy like Marc Jacobs. He is attractive, successful, talented, and gayer than a lube-stained bathhouse.

Gay Groups Aren't So Happy with Bruno

Richard Lawson · 06/11/09 01:07PM

Question answered: Bruno is bad for the gays! Some gay groups are beginning a campaign against Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming realityish comedy, about an Austrian fashion reporter who's a bit light in the loafers. GLAAD seems particularly unhappy.