Human Ken Doll Views Plastic Surgery as a "Creative Outlet"

Rich Juzwiak · 01/02/14 01:45PM

You may recognize Justin Jedlica from any of his dozens of TV appearances — his surgery-sculpted face is hard to forget. That, along with the rest of his body (the result of 125 cosmetic procedures in total), has earned him the nickname of the Human Ken Doll. He was profiled in detail on TLC's special My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll last night, on which he described his ongoing surgeries as his "creative outlet." In the clip above, he attempts to creative direct one of them. It's for ab implants. He's previously described his strange addiction as "an art form." We live in a time when all you have to do to make art is label something art, so he at least has a case.