John Mayer's Advice to Women: Talk Dirty in Bed

Maureen O'Connor · 12/23/10 10:43AM

Mayer whispers dirty nothings into a strange female's ear. Jennifer Aniston has a 20-foot no-touch zone. Taylor Momsen is a Parisian style icon. Lindsay Lohan sips Shirley Temples. Thursday gossip is sexual napalm.

Meet the Girl Who Probably Filmed Miley's Bong-Ripping Video

Maureen O'Connor · 12/15/10 11:07AM

Miley's superfan vigilantes set their sights on a girl named Anna Oliver. Angelina Jolie laughs at her Golden Globe nomination. Hulk Hogan's beach wedding devolves into a brawl. Wednesday gossip fears for its life.

Hulk Hogan Didn't Want to End Up Like Phil Hartman

Henry Baker · 05/14/10 02:21PM

In a creepily forthright interview with a way-too-delighted Wendy Williams, Hulk elaborated on his depression after moving out of his wife's house. He reflects on a suicidal episode involving the gun he used to hide for fear of being murdered.

Joy Behar Discusses Family Relations with Hulk Hogan

Robyn Caplan · 04/29/10 11:40AM

Joy Behar insinuated that Hogan is into his own daughter by demonstrating her likeness compared to his ex-wife and his current fiance. Responding to Behar's claims that he "has a type," Hogan is baffled and says "well, that's my daughter."

Did Lindsay Lohan Steal a Rolex?

Maureen O'Connor · 04/23/10 09:11AM

Cops visit Lindsay for two reasons in two days. Mariah Carey gains 57 lbs. Chace Crawford finds love in the time of volcanic eruption. Michelle Rodriguez's coming out party is saved. TGIFriday gossip roundup.

More Tiger; More Tinsley Family Drama

cityfile · 12/03/09 07:28AM

• It's been a busy 24 hours for Tiger Woods. Just after admitting he'd "let his family down" yesterday, a voicemail he apparently left for alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs surfaced and put a nail in his adulterous coffin. Now Rachel Uchitel, one of the other women he supposedly was involved with, is coming clean about her affair and will be giving a press conference later today. [TMZ, NYP]
• Meanwhile, Tiger and wife Elin are supposedly in "intense" marriage counseling. They're also in intense discussions with their lawyers, apparently. Rumor has it they're renegotiating their pre-nup and Elin may collect a "hefty seven-figure amount" if she agrees to stay with him. [CST, Us]
Tinsley Mortimer's family sounds more white trash than high society. Her mom, Dale Mercer, got into a shoving match recently with the woman who's been dating her ex-husband. George Mercer—Tinsley's dad—says the 29-year-old woman, Krissy Morrow, is merely his "escort" and he's never even kissed her. But Krissy says she married Mercer last month. George says the marriage didn't count since he was "drunk as [expletive]" at the time and because he's married to someone else anyway. Let's hope all this nonsense—like the report Tinsley was seen making out with Constantine Maroulis on Tuesday night—is just another PR stunt for her reality show. [P6]

Lindsay Lohan and Donatella Versace, Separated at Birth

Brian Moylan · 10/21/09 09:52AM

Everyone is freaking out because Lohan and Versace look exactly the same. Also, Nicole Ritchie's baby appears, Kate is plus eight nightmares, and Hulk Hogan's suicide. Welcome to Wednesday's gossip gems!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/11/09 06:40AM

Jonathan Adler, designer, author, occasional TV personality, and husband of Simon Doonan, turns 43 today. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is turning 59. Playwright David Henry Hwang is 52. Model Carolyn Murphy is turning 34. Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, turns 55. Actress Viola Davis is turning 44. Architect Peter Eisenman is 77. Commercial real estate broker Tara Stacom is turning 51. White-collar defense attorney Andrew L. Frey is 71. TV personality Joe Rogan is 42. FedEx founder Fred Smith is 65. And Hulk Hogan celebrates his 56th birthday today.

The Megan Fox Backlash

cityfile · 07/29/09 05:58AM

• The love affair that the media once had with Megan Fox is clearly waning. Now that she's promoted the Transformers movie in every possible venue on the planet, a bunch of editors have picked Aug. 4 as "Megan Fox media blackout day." [NYDN]
• Investigators looking into Michael Jackson's untimely death searched Dr. Conrad Murray's house yesterday and left with cell phones and a hard drive. [People]
• Bar Refaeli was seen getting hot and heavy with her new boyfriend, Brazilian playboy Ricardo Mansur, in St. Tropez. [P6]
• Hulk Hogan and his wife have (finally!) reached a settlement in their divorce case. He'll get to keep his collection of bandanas; the couple's collection of blonde hair dye will be divided between the two sides. [Us]

Letterman vs. Conan: Who Ya Got?

The Cajun Boy · 06/01/09 03:42AM

Tonight Conan O'Brien takes over the reins of the Tonight Show and he'll probably score huge ratings because it's his first show and everyone will be curious to see what the new show looks like. But who are you going to watch at 11:35 after all the hoopla dies down?

Reality TV for the Disgraced, Heidi Pregnant Again?

cityfile · 04/15/09 06:00AM

• Is Heidi Klum pregnant with her fourth kid? That appears to be the case, since sketches of a gown she's planning to wear in a future Project Runway episode have made "room for a bump." [MSNBC]
• Are you a disgraced sports star or politician? Congrats: You're getting a reality TV show! Rod Blagojevich has signed on to appear in NBC's I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here, assuming a judge lets him go to Costa Rica for the taping. Meanwhile, Michael Vick is reportedly in talks to create a reality show of his own, one that will document his attempts to "make amends for his past." Your turn, Spitzer! [THR, NYP, THR]
• Looks like Barbara Bush and boyfriend Jay Blount won't be tying the knot in Kennebunkport this summer after all. And here we were hoping for both a Bush and Clinton family wedding the same month. [People]
• Dina Lohan was spotted dropping Lindsay off outside a club in LA on Monday night. Because, clearly, that's what good mothers do. [OK!, TMZ]
• That big Michael Jackson memorabilia auction? It ain't happening. [Reuters]

Hulk Hogan on Cutting His Wife and Lover's Throats

Ryan Tate · 04/15/09 05:21AM

Jamie Foxx regrets wishing chlamydia on Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears wishes she'd never met that creep from rehab at Subway. But Hulk Hogan doesn't have to regret "totally understand[ing]" OJ Simpson.

Congress Proves That Hulk Hogan Sucked

Pareene · 01/09/09 03:50PM

So this is what congress has been up to lately! They just finished a two-year investigation into steroid use in professional wrestling. The most important finding?

Kyle Buchanan · 11/26/08 06:45PM

Those Hogans sure love their restraining orders! Not long after mama cougar Linda claimed that ex-husband Hulk should stay away from her based on a completely made-up court order, her young, son-resembling boyfriend has attempted to secure an actual one against the American Gladiators host. Sadly, the 19-year-old Charley Hill's claim that Hulk "pulled up next to him [at a stoplight] and stared at him" was found to be insufficient grounds for issuing a restraining order. Also, the judge found that Hulk's attempt to piledrive Charley, then throw him against the ropes was terribly, terribly fake. [TMZ]

Thank God Almighty, Nick Hogan is Free at Last

STV · 10/21/08 10:40AM

Exhibiting a soulful, undernourished defiance not seen since Nelson Mandela strolled out of a South African prison a generation ago, young Nick Hogan ended his own 166-day incarceration ordeal early this morning in Florida. There, at the mouth of the Pinellas County Jail, he was reunited with his mother Linda, sister Brooke and a gaggle of media whom Linda rebuffed on her 18-year-old Supra-wrecking, friend-paralyzing martyr's behalf:

For Brooke Hogan, The Family That Pole Dances Together Stays Together

Kyle Buchanan · 09/22/08 06:10PM

Sure, reality star Brooke Hogan doesn't know who Sarah Palin is (or the identity of our current vice president, for that matter), but it's only because she's been working so hard! After all, who has time to brush up on politics when you're busy taking striptease classes with your mother? Yes, on last night's episode of Brooke Knows Best, Brooke decides that a pole-dancing lesson will be just the thing she needs for a workout, and she decides to bring mother Linda along, too. Showing off the moves that would eventually bag Linda a nineteen-year-old boyfriend and strain her relations with Brooke, the cougar supremo humps the pole and floor in an unnerving mother/daughter celebration of post-postmodern female empowerment, disguised as a workout routine at Crunch. We can't wait until a very special Christmas episode of Brooke Knows Best, when Linda returns the favor and gifts Brooke with a coupon for pairs' Kegel exercises at the downtown Miami Y. [VH1]