This Is the Lamest Contestant Story Ever Told on Jeopardy

Jay Hathaway · 10/14/14 08:55AM

"Is this the worst Jeopardy story ever?" asked a tipster in an email last night. "A contestant on Jeopardy told perhaps the stupidest story in the show's history," said this Uproxx headline. As you know, the internet is given to hyperbole and exaggeration in its ongoing quest to find the worst and the stupidest. Was this really it? Yes, probably. Yes.

Child With Large Head, Heart Sings For YOU

Pareene · 04/02/08 05:18PM

Public Access TV was once a haven of seedy underground art, bizarre comedy, and wild television experimentation limited only by crappy equipment. Also it was home to insane displays of the utter, irredeemable weirdness of mankind, like the attached clip of two children being forced to sing a song from The Sound of Music that the younger, lumberjack-shirted fellow refers to, with anger and confusion, as "Doedeer." Click! Shudder!

Celebrate Valentine's Day With An Insane Heatherette-Related Electro Video

Pareene · 02/14/08 10:55AM

"Mogul Larry Tee, fashion designers Heatherette, new media Artist Andrew Strasser, and music video producer Francis Legge" all got together to produce this adorable and incredibly weird Valentine's Day music video featuring children chanting in their best Flying Lizards monotones over a looped electro beat as some sort of post-hipster Sesame Street interstitial video unfolds around them. Exploitation has never been sweeter. [Larry Tee]

Without Comment

Pareene · 01/25/08 01:28PM

"I need you not only to vote, but I need you to get cousin Pookie to vote," Obama said. "I need Ray-Ray to vote." []

CBS Spokesperson Unintelligible On Layoffs; Weblogs Repeat The Blather

Maggie · 12/14/07 05:45PM

Explaining to the press why your company has just axed a slew of people isn't exactly fun times. It's even less fun when the people who have been fired are also members of the press. People don't like that! Sometimes the best bad-news strategy is to issue a memo providing copy to reporters while saying nothing at all! Like late this afternoon, when CBS News spokesperson Dana McClintock sent out a meaningless statement that says absolutely nothing about today's CBS Interactive layoffs—and everyone actually printed it, from FishbowlNY to the Huffington Post (which at least called it "not that illuminating") to TVNewser to the Observer's Media Mob. How bad is it? Read it for yourself!

Choire · 11/29/07 03:25PM

T Magazine: The Website is here! IT IS CRAZY how much of Natalie Portman's face is on it, too! You will note that the website has invented a new way to arrange content: By words, pictures, products, video and something else which is probably their junk drawer. (Finally, words get relegated where they belong!) Because of this, and its Flash-heaviness, they have also possibly invented new advertising categories, which is kinda cool. Anyway, it is conspicuously not intended to be a web version of a print project. (It was designed by createthe, who make such slick little websites that they often baffle the user on first visit—they HATE letting you scroll by traditional methods.) Also they have turned Horacio Silva, once upon a time proprietor of Chic Happens, back into a blogger, which is hilarious.