You Won't Believe How Much Everyone on TV Makes

Brian Moylan · 08/09/11 02:46PM

You know that actors, reality show hosts, and network news anchors make tons of cash, right? But just how much do they make? And who makes more than their fellow stars on shows? And why is Ashton Kutcher the highest paid actor on TV? Let's find out.

Winona Ryder's Triumphant Return

Richard Lawson · 04/07/10 10:44AM

The beloved actress of yore has landed a new plum role. Also today: an indie movie has an unsettling romance at its center, an '80s horror flick gets a remake, the zombie show finds its lead, and ratings news.

Fox TV Wants to Be Your Stripper with a Heart of Gold

Richard Rushfield · 10/08/09 10:22AM

The Fox television network reminds us of many things. When it shows American Idol, it's kinda like a great big Radio City revue. When Moment of Truth airs it's more Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/11/09 06:53AM

There haven't been too many reasons for New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson to celebrate in recent months. But today there is! Robinson turns 59 today. Other people with something to smile about today: Charlie Rangel is turning 79. Shia LaBeouf is 23. Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren turns 55. Actor Peter Dinklage is 40. Public advocate Betsy Gotbaum turns 71. Cardiologist (and Oprah BFF) Mehmet Oz is turning 49. Mets shortstop José Reyes is 26. Hugh Laurie is 50. Actor Joshua Jackson is turning 31. Former housing secretary Henry Cisneros is 62. And former football great Joe Montana turns 53 today.