L.L. Cool J and T.I. Rap The Music Man at the Tonys, For Some Reason

Jay Hathaway · 06/09/14 01:35PM

In a very, er, interesting take on hip hop history, Tony Awards host and human-wolverine hybrid Hugh Jackman credited The Music Man songwriter Meredith Willson with creating "one of the very first rap songs ever," and then brought out T.I. and L.L. Cool J in an attempt to prove it.

Oprah Winfrey Freaks Out Over Hugh Jackman's Abs, In General

Rich Juzwiak · 07/29/13 11:37AM

Oprah Winfrey massaged the prostate ego of Hugh Jackman on last night's episode of Oprah's Next Chapter. Did you ever know that he's her hero? He's one of her all-time favorite people. Watching him live his life they way he does makes her want to live hers on a higher vibration. Also, she loves his abs so much so that discussions of them framed their sit-down.

Hugh Jackman's Wife Doesn't Like It When You Say Her Husband Is Gay, Jackman Seems Unfazed

Rich Juzwiak · 02/13/13 03:40PM

Animated pile of muscle and sideburns Hugh Jackman is the subject of a fawning Hollywood Reporter cover story by Stephen Galloway. The piece most notably touches on the rumors of gayness that are as synonymous with Jackman's public profile as his Wolverine character. Don't expect much probing, however, from an article that refers to its subject as a "complex and far-ranging figure" and "open and immensely likable." Jackman doesn't want to be probed. Can't you hear him?

I Dreamed a Nightmare: The Banal Schmaltz of Les Misérables

Rich Juzwiak · 12/21/12 04:23PM

The new movie version of Les Misérables is a nonsensical, emotional vampire of a movie. It sucks and sucks and never stops sucking. I knew I was supposed to feel something in this ever-welling sea of emotion, but I didn't know exactly what and I most certainly did not feel a thing. Well, that's not entirely true — I did feel isolated, like I was from a different planet than the people who were moved to repeatedly applaud for actors that couldn't hear them (at a screening full of critics, no less!), and audibly weep at turns so evidently constructed to make them do so that a giant lit up "CRY NOW" sign in the theater would have been redundant.

Anne Hathaway Is Engaged to a Normal

Maureen O'Connor · 11/29/11 10:57AM

After three years of dating a real, live celebrity Adam Shulman puts a ring on it. Hugh Jackman's wife complains about his gay rumors. Demi Moore "steps out" with a man. Kim Kardashian gives up on "fairy tale" love. Tuesday gossip is something blue.

A Completely Gratuitous Gallery of Sexy, Shirtless Celebrities

Brian Moylan · 11/16/11 03:55PM

Happy Sexiest Man Alive day, everyone. That is the day when People magazine announces who their hottest hunk of the year is. This time around it's Bradley Cooper. In his honor, here's a whole gallery of shirtless famous people we think are sexy, for no good reason other than that we know you're pervy.

Hugh Jackman Peed His Pants Onstage

Maureen O'Connor · 10/13/11 10:49AM

Hugh Jackman held a woman in his arms, and it made him pee. Whitney Houston throw a tantrum on an airplane. Hilary Swank "deeply regrets" war criminal fete. Ashton worries about ratings. Thursday gossip is all wet.

Everyone Wants Hugh Jackman's Greased-Up Steel

Richard Lawson · 10/10/11 10:40AM

Yup, the boxing robot movie was top dog robot this weekend, with little competition in sight. Politics came in second and, somewhere far down the list, lurched the human centipede.

Tareq Salahi's Advice to Married Men: 'Stay Away from Journey'

Maureen O'Connor · 09/27/11 10:23AM

Tareq blames everything on Journey, then nuzzles a whoremonger and poses sexily in bed. Naomi Campbell blames her bad personality on abandonment issues. Kate Middleton spends four hours doing her hair. A male TV actor comes out of the closet. Tuesday gossip stopped believin' years ago.

We're Headed Back to Dallas

Richard Lawson · 07/08/11 04:58PM

Your (or your parents') favorite guilty pleasure is returning to the airwaves in fancy, updated form. Also today: Big Game of Thrones casting news, TNT has a hit on its hands, and some exciting Hugh Jackman news.

Goldie Hawn Is Back and Ready for Action

Richard Lawson · 06/16/11 05:25PM

America's one-time sweetheart is returning from a long hiatus with a sexy new project. Also today: Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin hook up under strange circumstances, Aaron Sorkin adds more actors to his news team, and the potential return of Dave Chappelle.