HuffPo to Unpaid Writers: We Dare You to Boycott Us

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/11 02:28PM

In your lovely Friday media column: HuffPo dares its unpaid writers to do something, James O'Keefe is a hypocrite, a magazine investor has some magazines you can invest in, Bill O'Reilly is mad, and free access, for you.

Report: This Internet Thing Is Really Catching On

Hamilton Nolan · 03/14/11 01:14PM

In your transitional Monday media column: the State of the Media is okay, James O'Keefe may not be a totally trustworthy journalist, hiring at HuffPo, Lou Dobbs is back, Larry King may join The Daily Show, and Mental Floss has a mental owner.

AOL Lays Off Hundreds in Corporate Synergy Massacre

Hamilton Nolan · 03/10/11 01:49PM

In your painful Thursday media column: major layoffs at AOL, reporters in peril in Libya, the latest Katie Couric career rumors, anonymous commenting debated, and Newsday is new, somehow. Gutted: Making Money on News Is Hard

Hamilton Nolan · 02/23/11 02:55PM

In your tragic Wednesday media column: TBD is eviscerated, a new WaPo ombudsman, media tweet beef, a bunch of HuffPo millionaires, Harper's Magazine is a case study of woe, and Fox News is your most valuable cable network without balls.

Will HuffPo 'Taint' AOL's Brand? (No)

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/11 02:27PM

In your crippled Thursday media column: Magic Johnson saves Vibe, some jokers think AOL's brand can be "tainted," another departure from the NY Daily News, schadenfreude at CBS News, and News Corp's kitchen furniture police are out in full force.

AOL Buys Huffington Post for $315 Million

Max Read · 02/07/11 01:14AM

AOL just bought news site Huffington Post for $315 million—$300 million in cash. HuffPo founder Arianna Huffington will become editor of all AOL "content properties." That sound you just heard was the whole internet going "Whaaaaat?"

Robert Thomson Isn't Going Anywhere

Hamilton Nolan · 01/19/11 01:38PM

In your fleeting Wednesday media column: Robert Thomson is staying put, new offices for the HuffPo, ironic union troubles at Harper's, David Pecker is beloved without ever ordering anyone to love him, and A.J. Daulerio, profiled.