'We're Going to Be In the Hudson'

Richard Lawson · 02/05/09 01:27PM

Well, maybe "creepy" isn't the right word. But there's something both comforting and unsettling about how calm all involved seemed to be, even as Captain Chesley Sullenberger said that the aircraft couldn't make it to an airport runway. I guess maybe there just wasn't time to panic. Though something tells me that if I'd been up there, I'd have made the time.

Jet-Crash Tapes Show Instant Disaster, Calm Crew

Ryan Tate · 01/19/09 01:48AM

Cockpit recorders on US Airways Flight 1549 indicate both engines failed at 3,200 feet, soon after takeoff, federal officials said. The crew was reportedly very collected, including the flight attendants, now official heroes.

First Footage of Sully's Miracle Water Landing

Gabriel Snyder · 01/17/09 01:00PM

The plane comes down into the water right around the two minute mark and it's very grainy. But that blur of silver does give you a sense of just how smoothly Chelsey B. Sullenberger III was able to touch down. The rest shows the first minutes of passengers exiting onto the wings and the first ferry boat arriving to their rescue. Given that the US Airways flight went down in one of the most densely populated places on earth under virtual police-state surveillance, we actually expected more footage than this to come out. [Update As commenter Claire Buoyant points out, the BBC has clips from two other angles.] Still, this will do for now.

Hero of the Hudson

Ryan Tate · 01/15/09 07:06PM

Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III was the last person to leave US Airways Flight 1549 — a true captain, he swept the center aisle twice to ensure no one else was still on board.

Hudson Plane Crash Survivor: 'Scary as Shit'

Gabriel Snyder · 01/15/09 05:12PM

Fortunately, it appears everyone on board escaped the US Airways plane before it sank into the Hudson River. In the survivors' first interviews, they tell their harrowing tales.