Here's a Brief History of Queer Children's Cartoon Characters

Rich Juzwiak · 06/13/14 12:05PM

Today, DreamWorks' terrific How To Train Your Dragon 2 glides into theaters. Of the film's several rare creatures is a particularly important one: a matter-of-fact gay character. In a blink-and-miss aside, viking character Gobber comments on a husband and wife's reunion after several years of estrangement by saying, "This is why I never married...that, and one other reason."

The Three Burials of Brendan Fraser

Richard Lawson · 05/03/10 10:00AM

Poor George of the Jungle has a dud on his hands. Meanwhile, Freddy Krueger is bigger than ever, you guys need to ease up on your dragons, and Sandy Kenyon's great dilemma.

Child Murder Not As Profitable As Expected

Richard Lawson · 04/19/10 09:36AM

And by that we mean children murdering people, not the other way around. Also this week: you guys love your dragons, some of you lovey our Miley Cyrus, and others love your gay midget funeral movies.

We Will Never Give Up on the '80s

Richard Lawson · 03/29/10 09:42AM

This weekend dragons scorched the earth, Alice fell even further down that money-lined rabbit hole, and a '10s comedy about the '80s did some pretty rad business.