Toby Young: It's All True, Says Wife

cityfile · 09/30/08 08:18AM

As if the How To Lose Friends And Alienate People movie wasn't getting enough buzz, Toby Young's famously beleaguered wife, Caroline, has been enlisted to further shore up the increasingly over-the-top Young myth: That he is the most socially inept buffoon who ever lived, and all his success and acclaim is a miraculous accident. In an article for the UK Times, Mrs. Young—who can't actually account for why she married him—presents anecdotes old and new about her husband's borderline-autistic behavior, such as when he asked her mother when she became sexually active. Well, it's not like he has any choice but to act like that now that his entire career depends on it. [Times UK]

Megan Fox on Dicks, Disney, and the Female Stripper Who Broke Her Teenage Heart

Kyle Buchanan · 09/15/08 07:30PM

Though the upcoming Diablo Cody thriller Jennifer's Body may cover up more of actress Megan Fox than people were expecting, at least Fox makes up for it by exposing herself in the latest edition of GQ. Few subjects are left untouched in the wide-ranging interview, whether it's her boyfriend's penis ("Who’s given a hand job since seventh grade? Not me"), Disney ("Fuck Disney"), or her Transformers director (when asked if the Transformers sequel will give the actress more to do, Fox flatly responds, "Transformers 2 is directed by Michael Bay"). Still, most tongues will wag when Fox recalls the female stripper she fell in love with at LA's full-frontal emporium The Body Shop when she was just 18:

Megan Fox In The Role She Was Born to Play: An NC-17 Mother Teresa

Kyle Buchanan · 08/07/08 12:40PM

Hot on the heels of Simple Jack (the fake, controversy-baiting trailer from Tropic Thunder that was eventually yanked) comes the trailer for Teresa: The Making of a Saint, an NC-17 Mother Teresa biopic starring Transformers actress (and parrot lover) Megan Fox. But wait! Could this, too, be a fake trailer, what with its cast made up of Hollywood heavyweights like "Sir Ben Queensly"? Indeed, it's just the latest in Hollywood's brand-new obsession with fake ads for real movies, this one designed to draw buzz for the Vanity Fair-set roman à clef How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, starring Fox as actress "Sophie Maes." Forgive us, but we'd much rather see Teresa than the real movie it's designed to promote — especially if the saintly missionary arrives in Calcutta tossing off Diablo Cody-penned bon mots like, "Fried bologna is the bomb!"

Graydon Carter's Devil Wears Prada?

Ryan Tate · 05/20/08 05:35AM

The trailer is out for the movie version of Toby Young's Vanity Fair memoir, How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, apparently a longer version of the one that surfaced in December. In an item titled "Devil Graydon," Page Six claims Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter "comes off worse than Anna Wintour did in The Devil Wears Prada." Carter should pray for such a glamorous portrayal. Instead, with actor Jeff Bridges in his shoes at the fictional Sharps magazine, Carter comes off looking a lot more like Jeff Lebowski. Clip after the jump.

Toby Young on New York

Gawker · 05/01/03 12:31PM

In How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Toby Young recounts, charmingly, his naive pitches to Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair. The British journalist wrote: "These suggestons were hopelessly naive, the equivalent of an American pitching an article to a British editor about this fascinating new toy store he'd discovered called Hamley's." We'd thought the author was merely self-deprecating, until this article in London's Evening Standard, comparing the city with New York. According to Toby Young, New York's hot neighborhood is Park Slope, the nightclub is APT, and Nobu is the restaurant. TY should reread his book. "I'd have to come up with something a lot better than that if it was to stand a chance of getting into Vanity Fair."

Battle of the cities [Evening Standard]

Radar love

Gawker · 01/25/03 01:58PM

People slated to write for Maer Roshan's new mag, Radar, include:
Jonathan van Meter, founding editor of Vibe; Jake Tapper, who wrote Down & Dirty for Little Brown about the Florida vote recount; Vanessa Grigoriadis, a contributing editor at New York; New Yorker contributor Mark Leyner; former Brill's Content media writer Katherine Rosman; and Toby Young, author of "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People." (Hmmm... Toby Young and Tina Brown contributing to the same magazine... Bets on how long before the first restraining order?)
Blender getting spun by numbers mix-up [Keith Kelly - Post]


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