Shocking Al Pacino News Rocks Hollywood

Richard Lawson · 09/14/10 03:16PM

You're never going to believe what he's about to do. Also today: a TBS show gets canceled, an ABC show gets ordered, a SATC alum movie gets a distribution deal, and a sitcom star has an unfortunate accident.

HIMYM Reveals 4th Doppleganger at Robots Vs. Wrestlers

Whitney Jefferson · 05/11/10 12:41PM

The gang attended party filled with notable media-folk (like Will Shortz and Arianna Huffington) where Ted felt he'd found his people, Lily and Marshall addressed their baby-fever, and most importantly, headed to "Robots Vs. Wrestlers," where they discovered Ted's look-alike.

How I Met Your Mother: Robin's Out of the Group

Whitney Jefferson · 05/04/10 12:14PM

When Robin's latest beau decides it's a little weird that his girlfriend constantly hangs out with two of her ex-boyfriends, both Ted and Barney decide they want her back. This leads them to behave poorly—and drunkenly.