CBS Sitcoms Will Never Be Defeated

Richard Lawson · 09/27/11 02:47PM

Last night was the second episode of Ashton Kutcher's run on Two and a Half Men, and while it was down from last week's boffo debut, it wasn't down that much.

How I Met Your Mother: John Lithgow is Legendaddy

Whitney Jefferson · 03/22/11 01:35PM

Last night, How I Met Your Mother worked even more of it's Daddy-issues out when John Lithgow turns up as Barney's long-lost father. After 30+ years of expectations, Barney was less-than-thrilled to find out that his father's a boring Driver's Ed teacher.

Watch a Low-Budget Russian Remake of How I Met Your Mother

Marie Bardi · 03/22/11 08:50AM

It's pretty surreal watching this Russian version of HIMYM - the settings are similar and the Barney character is wearing a suit, but it's still so strange! In Soviet Russia, is Robin Sparkles still Canadian?

How I Met Your Mother: Garbage Island

Whitney Jefferson · 02/22/11 03:20PM

HIMYM gave us some big plot reveals in last night's episode. Without being too spoiler-ly, Marshall and Lily make some big life changes, Barney takes a stab at actual dating, and Ted's love life is about to change.

How I Met Your Mother: "Last Words"

Whitney Jefferson · 01/18/11 02:30PM

Last week, HIMYM broke the sitcom mold by killing of Marshall's Dad. This week, the crew heads to Minnesota to be there for Marshall at his father's funeral. Raise your hand if you found yourself teary-eyed during the episode...

The Terrible Return of Ted Haggard

Richard Lawson · 01/06/11 04:08PM

He's baaaaack, thanks to TLC. Also today: everyone's favorite dreamvamp gets his ears lowered, bad news for Paula Abdul, good news for Katy Perry (which is bad news for us), and a misguided NBC show moves ahead.

CBS Forces the HIMYM Cast to Show Their Love for the Show

Matt Toder · 01/05/11 11:29AM

What a conveniently timed little piece of PR this is: the cast of HIMYM talking about how much they love the show. It's got laughs and earnest talk and you just know CBS forced it in response to Monday's episode.