Parents Have Own Kids Arrested for Throwing Party Without Permission

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/22/13 10:15AM

Having watched one too many teen comedies, a pair of high school students from Glastonbury, Connecticut, decided to take advantage of their parents' weekend-long absence to throw a party, figuring they would easily weasel out of any hi-jinks that might ensue should their parents return home early.

A Kegger In Williamsburg

Choire · 10/02/07 02:40PM

There are parties in New York not run by publicists, parties that don't promote perfumes. Tracie Egan (the artist formerly known as "Slut Machine") and Nikola Tamindzic went out in the field this weekend to a real party: A raging kegger in South Williamsburg. There, they discovered oddly-shaped hickeys, uptight douchebags and a lack of alcohol. And we learned a lot about the way we live now. Or did we?