The Democrats Are Boldly Fighting For a Bad, Stupid Bill

Alex Pareene · 06/22/16 03:20PM

After Democrats in the Senate staged a filibuster in support of gun control measures, their colleagues in the House have begun a “sit-in” aimed at embarrassing Republicans into allowing a vote on a measure that would restrict the ability of suspected terrorists to legally buy guns. The move is fantastic political theater. It’s also a tremendous waste of popular support and activist energy in support of a measure that isn’t just ineffective but also actively offensive.

A Wine Retailer and Chris Matthews's Wife Spent $15.2 Million Losing the Nation's Most Expensive House Race

Brendan O'Connor · 04/27/16 12:50PM

On Tuesday, Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin—a professor at American University and the husband of deputy treasury secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin—won Maryland’s 8th Congressional District Democratic primary, triumphing over both a former corporate executive married to a national television anchor, and a self-funding millionaire businessman. It was an expensive loss for them both.

House Speaker Race Beset By Chaos, Weeping, Romney

Ashley Feinberg · 10/08/15 01:46PM

Kevin McCarthy, who up until a few hours ago had been the clear frontrunner, has pulled out of the race to replace the retiring John Boehner as Speaker of the House. And now, Congress has descended into hell’s most tearful, mind-numbing pit of fiery chaos. [Updated]

Robert Kessler · 01/03/13 01:35PM

House Republicans have re-elected Rep. John Boehner as the Speaker of the House, once again.

House Republicans to Sandy Victims: Drop Dead

Max Read · 01/02/13 10:27AM

After almost killing the fiscal cliff deal over the course of a few bizarre hours yesterday, you'd think it'd be impossible for House Republicans to make themselves look any more cruel and petty...

We Will Avoid the Fiscal Cliff Because the Members of the House Are Tired and Want to Go Home

Jordan Sargent · 01/01/13 08:15PM

When I was in college I would do this thing where I would procrastinate on papers for days or weeks or months before finally buckling in and getting to work with, oh, 12 hours left before the thing was due. Then I would work furiously for a bit before giving up in the end and wrapping the paper up as sloppily as possible. It would be 3 a.m. and I would be in the library and I would say to myself, "I'm tired and I need to go home." I wasn't very good at college which is why I'm now a blogger — that's a lesson for you children.

Barney Frank Leaves Congress, Won't 'Pretend Everything is Wonderful'

Mallory Ortberg · 12/09/12 04:25PM

The Boston Globe has interviewed Barney Frank, along with some of his friends and fellow representatives, as he prepares to leave office and take up private life, where he will hopefully find a way to capitalize on his increasing resemblance to the late Buddy Hackett. There are a lot of wonderful takeaways in this article, assuming you choose not to focus on the recent redistricting or the current state of the House of Representatives but instead on the fun stuff.