House of Cards/West Wing Mashup to Satisfy Your Inner Politico

Dayna Evans · 03/02/14 12:32PM

The sweeping, over-the-top intro music to The West Wing was like a drug: get one taste of the rousing timpani and you knew that your fix of political intrigue wasn't far from reach. Though The West Wing is dead and gone, House of Cards has deftly taken its place as a favorite of government wannabes everywhere. This Sunday morning mashup of the two intro sequences, courtesy of Wayne Wolfe, should be enough to beckon a few presidential tears to spill forth onto your tie.

Let’s Talk About House of Cards

J.K. Trotter · 02/17/14 02:30PM

Did you watch all of the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards this weekend? Good. So did I. Let’s talk. Spoilers ahead.

The Quest to Ruin The Hunger Games Has Begun

Richard Lawson · 03/03/11 05:21PM

Those Hollywood dream masters are narrowing the field of actresses in contention for the lead in their adaptation of the dystopian teen book series The Hunger Games, and we're not thrilled with their choices. Also today: some bigger name actresses land in TV pilots and Superman gets a mom.

Death Comes for Shrek: The Musical

Richard Rushfield · 10/22/09 12:27PM

Some goodbyes go on for a very long time. But the day does come when the train pulls out of the station. Live singing Shrek, memory-erased Eliza Dushku and Michael Jackson, it's time to take your seats.