Lady's Hair Catches Fire at P. Diddy Hot Tub Party

Maureen O'Connor · 12/16/10 11:48AM

The scene: A luxe party at a Manhattan penthouse. Diddy hosts and livestreams video of his beautiful guests, like a model cavorting in a hot tub, surrounded by candles, one increasingly large flame—ohmigod! She's on fire! Everyone panic!

The Mystery Of The Hollywood Hot Tubs Solved!

mark · 07/31/07 06:24PM

As it turns out, it was not Social Hollywood that was proudly reigniting the soak-and-poke torch tragically extinguished by the ceremonial dumping out of the last tubful of the venerated Splash spa's overchlorinated, DNA-rich waters. A note we just received from a helpful publicist reveals that it was the neighboring BOULEVARD3 (all caps theirs) that recently offered its upscale clientele the exciting opportunity to enjoy an evening of delicious food, top-shelf cocktails, and unrepentant, jacuzzi-enhanced fornication: