All the TV Sucks This Summer

Richard Lawson · 07/12/10 02:35PM

Watching last night's ridiculously overstuffed, hamhanded True Blood, it became suddenly apparent: There is basically no good TV on this summer. And there are very few upcoming promising prospects.

The Little Mermaid Movie Better Not Involve Roller Skates

Richard Lawson · 07/08/10 03:54PM

There's actually going to be one, guys. And that's what the live-action Broadway show used. Roller skates. (Well, Heelys.) Also today: good news for a 90210 alum, more X-Men casting news, and Valerie Bertinelli will be employed for another year.

The Gawker Guide to Summer TV

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 06/03/10 03:03PM

Summer's here! Are you fretting that there's nothing on television? Well, stop living in the past! We don't live in a school-year-dictated world anymore. Here are some shows you should consider watching to help pass the hot months, safely indoors.