Petty Hot Dog Thief to Spend 80 Years in Prison

Lauri Apple · 11/20/11 06:32PM

Back in 2009, Charles Cleveland Nowden was busted at a Fort Worth movie theater for trying to purchase a lethal junk-food combo meal—two hot dogs, two cokes, and popcorn—with a counterfeit $20. This week, he received an 80-year prison sentence. Fort Worth's snack community is safe again!

Tiger Woods Unharmed Following Hot Dog Attack

Seth Abramovitch · 10/09/11 07:50PM

The Frys.Com Open, by far the most prestigious of all electronics-retailer-website-sponsored golf tournaments, was thrown into chaos today when a deranged fan, armed with a hot dog in a bun, sprinted towards Tiger Woods on the seventh green.