Max Rivlin-Nadler · 06/29/13 03:58PM

Temperatures hit 117 in Las Vegas yesterday, and it might reach 120 in Phoenix by the end of this hot, hot weekend.

Anderson Cooper Invites You to His Gun Show

Brian Moylan · 10/19/11 04:37PM

We all know that America's greatest poop phone user, Anderson Cooper, will take every opportunity to take his shirt off on camera. But what about his arms? When he rolled up his shirt to get a flu shot on today's episode of Anderson, he paused briefly to flex for the crowd and said, "Welcome to the gun show." Then he got all bashful about it and his infamous giggle followed. Oh, Anderson, you're so cute when you don't know how hot you are.

Catching Up With the World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Girl

ian spiegelman · 10/04/08 04:18PM

Jamie Clayton, the transsexual makeup artist who took the city by sexy storm over the summer when The Observer dubbed her "the second most beautiful girl in New York" is finally live on video. In an interview with Logo Online. She's getting recognized in the street, dating, and being subject to the clever pick-up lines of NYC boys. Lines such as, "Hey, Red," and "What's up, Slim?" Clip after the jump. Actually, there's no damned embed code. So watch it here.

One More Thing: Who is Your 90s Crush?

ian spiegelman · 07/27/08 05:57PM

With all the attention we pay to the 70s and 80s in these end-o'-the-day posts, we can forget that the recent past has much worth remembering. Like the hottest hotties of the 1990s, for example. And there were a lot of them! Who's your fave? I offer two of them in one dreamy clip after the jump. As always, alluring humans of all genders are welcome.

Air Conditioning As A Marketing Tool: No Longer Smart

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/08 08:25AM

Air conditioning is not just one of the most important summertime problems facing the media. It's a problem facing everyone, because high gas prices are turning air conditioners into machines that burn $100 bills to produce cool air. Stores in high foot traffic areas have always thrown their doors open in the summer and blasted the AC, knowing that sweaty people will come in and browse just to get out of the sun. But now that strategy is not only hugely expensive, but bad PR as well; environmentalist customers will whine and complain and call the city and organize boycotts. An intrepid NYT reporter finds that wanton AC-wasters are centered—like the media—in SoHo: