The Death of 'Austin Powers' (And Six More Hobbled Franchises Worth Putting Down)

STV · 07/31/08 12:00PM

After the unfortunate reception for The Love Guru, it's just too easy to write off New Line's prospective Austin Powers revival (which Mike Myers is reportedly working on for New Line with former series collaborator Mike McCullers) as yet another ill-advised folly belching the black smoke of Myers's career. In fact, taken as merely a part of the larger phenomenon we at Defamer like to call The End of Ideas, the Powers franchise is but a speck of the shit on Hollywood's collective bathroom wall — a tableau diligently studied today by the haz-mat crew at Entertainment Weekly.

Lionsgate Hits $340 Million Credit Jackpot; We Help Them Spend It

STV · 07/29/08 12:00PM

We have all kinds of fun ideas for how Lionsgate can splurge with its new $340 million credit line, a kind of shocking development considering Wall Street's recent exodus from the deadly film-financing racket. The budget-minded 'Gate, having leapfrogged from one genre hit to another (accruing a $331 million cash war chest along the way, according to Variety) is evidently immune to the crunch, however, even nabbing a 2.25% interest rate we haven't seen since our very first student loans.

Larry H. Miller On Brokeback Ban: Talk To My Fists

Seth Abramovitch · 01/18/06 12:21PM

Brokeback Mountain is still riding high in the saddle since its Golden Globes triumph, but don't expect the accolades to sway Larry H. Miller, the Utah Jazz and movie theater chain owner who caused an international controversy for pulling the movie at the very last minute from his multiplex, no explanation offered. Towleroad notes that when a radio reporter approached him for a comment as he was entering a hotel ballroom to deliver a speech at the (irony alert) local NAACP's annual Martin Luther King luncheon, a pissy Miller slapped the microphone away, saying "I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie. Okay? Anything else you want to know?" The entire exchange was caught on video. Meanwhile, it's business at usual at Miller's Sandy Megaplex theater, where you can catch six screenings a day of a ball-gagged Jay Hernandez exploring the outer recesses of his pain threshold in Hostel.