Please Put Prices on Health Care

Hamilton Nolan · 11/06/14 11:07AM

There are many things wrong with the bloated, expensive American health care system. I would like to complain about one small part of it: the prices. It's not just that the prices are high. It's that... where the hell are the prices?

Britain's Best Eavesdropping Spot: The Royal Baby Hospital Live Feed

Caity Weaver · 07/19/13 05:03PM

As Kate Middleton regrets more and more her decision 9 months ago to prank the world by claiming to be pregnant, the caravan of international media camped outside her hospital inches ever closer to delirium. Earlier this week, some news services began offering live-streaming video of the hospital doors through which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may or may not pass when Kate Middleton gives birth. The result: 20 hours a day of a still shot of windows (sometimes a street shot of doors) and some of the best eavesdropping currently available on the Internet.

German Magazine Celebrates George H.W. Bush's Release From Intensive Care by Announcing His Death

Taylor Berman · 12/30/12 07:40PM

When George H.W. Bush was released yesterday from the intensive care unit of a Houston hospital, most news outlets reported the event in a straight forward enough fashion, with some even taking the opportunity to compliment the 88-year-old on his excellent taste in socks. Germany's Der Spiegel, however, took a different approach; instead of reporting his improving health, the magazine accidentally published their pre-written obituary for the former president.

George H.W. Bush in Intensive Care, 'Surrounded By Family,' Doctors 'Cautiously Optimistic'

Max Read · 12/27/12 03:30PM

George H.W. Bush is in intensive care at a Houston hospital thanks to a lingering fever relating to bronchitis. He's been there since before Christmas, and the fever has gotten worse, but he's "alert and talking to medical staff" and his doctors are "cautiously optimistic" — an aide tells CBS that the former president "would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closet." And, luckily, Christmas wasn't ruined — he's been visited by his sons Neil, Jeb and George, whom you may have heard of. [WSJ]