Wyclef Hospitalized for Vague Reasons

Hamilton Nolan · 09/27/10 04:13PM

Former Haitian presidential candidate and Fugee Wyclef Jean has been hospitalized for "stress and fatigue," in addition to "headaches." The simple fact that those are all often euphemisms for more scandalous conditions should not be construed as meaning anything. [Billboard]

Seth Abramovitch · 01/15/08 05:54PM

Zac Efron down! We repeat, teenybopper heartthrob Zac Efron is down! The High School Musical star was rushed to hospital today to have his appendix removed. Efron is recovering nicely, and has agreed to sign the mostly useless, prone-to-rupturing tissue for an eBay celebrity-organ auction, where it's expected to fetch a large sum earmarked for The Children's Appendicitis Fund. [TMZ]

Dave Chappelle Exhausted

mark · 07/18/07 12:46PM

The shocking news that Dave Chappelle briefly checked into a local emergency room this weekend for "exhaustion," the go-to publicist excuse for suspiciously hospitalized celebrities far, far below the comedian's talent-grade, will in all likelihood invite knee-jerk speculation that another head-clearing trip to Africa is in the offing. But take heart, fans: long unburdened of the dehydration-inducing demands of huge amounts of basic-cable money, Chappelle merely succumbed to the punishing physical effects of his legendary, marathon stand-up sessions, a problem that shouldn't recur once he tightens up his set to to a more manageable three-and-a-half hours.