​Desus Is the Opposite of Horse_Ebooks

Tom Scocca · 04/04/14 04:17PM

The week of April Fool's Day was a bit existentially dispiriting around here. The warning went out for April 1: Remember, a lot of what the internet will be getting excited about today is fake bullshit being spread in bad faith purely for the sake of getting people excited.

A Mysterious, Inscrutable Voice of God: Why @Horse_ebooks Is Divine

Ken Layne · 09/24/13 03:52PM

We are a religious nation, even though that religious belief is rapidly fading and notoriously shallow. What we hunger for is real communion with the sacred, the unexpected voice of a mysterious god that occasionally speaks directly to our consciousness, as the old gods spoke to Moses and Mohammad or Achilles and Odysseus. This is why 200,000 people followed Horse_ebooks on Twitter. Horse_ebooks was our inscrutable god speaking in riddles.

Horse_Ebooks Has Been a Buzzfeed Employee Since 2011

Max Read · 09/24/13 09:39AM

Since 2011, the semi-legendary spam Twitter feed "@Horse_ebooks" has been under control of Jacob Bakkila, a Buzzfeed creative strategist who used to tweet under the handle "@agentlebrees."

How I Found the Human Being Behind Horse_ebooks, The Internet's Favorite Spambot

Adrian Chen · 02/23/12 04:15PM

Horse_ebooks became a bona fide internet celebrity when organizers of ROFLCON, the premier conference on internet pop culture, asked in January: "Anyone know how we might be able to get in touch with @horse_ebooks?" Horse_ebooks has 40,000 Twitter followers and a wildly passionate fanbase, but you're unlikely to see public appearances any time soon. Because Horse_ebooks is a robot.