Are You Eating Horse? Europe's Growing Horse Meat Scandal Explained

Max Read · 02/19/13 04:26PM

Nestlé, the largest food company on the planet, announced today that it's recalling some of the beef pasta meals it sells in Spain and Italy. The reason? The "beef" contains horse DNA. And Nestlé's not the only company. Nearly all of the U.K.'s biggest supermarkets and many of their suppliers have been forced to remove horse meat fraudulently labeled as beef from the shelves as more and more companies are implicated in the widening scandal. Where's the horse meat coming from? How is it getting into the beef? Has the United States' supply been compromised? We've got the answers.

Burger King Will Not Serve You Horse Meat, In Case You Were Worried

Taylor Berman · 01/23/13 07:50PM

Last week, there was a minor horse meat scandal in Ireland and the UK. Several supermarket chains were forced to pull horse-contaminated beef products, including one – the Tesco Everyday Value Beef Burger – that was found to be almost 30% horse. In addition to Tesco, four other supermarkets were found selling part-horse burgers,which were traced to three processing plants: Liffey Meats, Dalepak Hambleton and Silvercrest Foods. Gross, right?