Two-Year-Old Girl Loses Both Legs in Terrible Lawn Mower Accident

Taylor Berman · 04/10/13 10:28PM

A horrific accident in Palm Harbor, Florida left a two-and-a-half year old girl a triple amputee. The girl's father was driving his riding lawn mower down his driveway when his daughter crossed in front of him, apparently slipping and falling. The girl's mother attempted to flag the father down and yelled for him to stop, but couldn't be heard over the engine. The father then accidentally ran the girl over, reportedly dragging her down the driveway and into the street before he noticed what he'd done.

Drunk Lawyer Locks Herself Out of Apartment, Tries to Break-In Via Garbage Chute, Almost Loses Arm

Taylor Berman · 10/28/12 06:53PM

On Friday night, a wasted lawyer locked herself out of her Manhattan apartment. Pretty standard stuff, right? I mean, who hasn't done that at some point? Well, what's not so standard about this particular case is the part where the lawyer hatched a convoluted drunken scheme to break-in to her own apartment via her building's garbage chute, a decision that nearly cost the woman her arm.

Two Children Were Stabbed to Death by Their Nanny on the Upper West Side; Media Very Excited by How Rich They Were

Caity Weaver · 10/26/12 10:21AM

Two children, ages 2 and 6, were stabbed to death in their Upper West Side apartment building yesterday, apparently by their nanny, 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega. The children — a boy, Leo, and a girl, Lucia — were discovered in the bathtub by their mother, Marina Krim, when she returned home from taking her three-year-old to swimming practice. Krim found the nanny in the kitchen, lying next to a bloody knife, bleeding from what investigators believe was a self-inflicted slash to the throat. Krim's screams alerted neighbors to call the police.

Authorities Find 113 Dead Kittens Inside A California Apartment

Taylor Berman · 07/25/12 10:40PM

Police and authorities from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Monterey County found 113 dead kittens inside an apartment in Seaside, California. Another 57 sick cats were found in a house nearby, after officials received a tip that some cats were moved there prior to the inspection.

Iraqi Militants Stone 14 Emo Kids to Death

Louis Peitzman · 03/10/12 01:10PM

American emo kids who think they have it rough should take note of this story out of Iraq: at least 14 young people have been stoned to death over the past three weeks, apparently for wearing "emo" clothes and haircuts.

Honduran Prison Fire Kills 350

Caity Weaver · 02/15/12 11:07PM

More than 350 people are dead after fire consumed a crowded prison in Honduras late Tuesday night. The official word is that the blaze started when an inmate purposely set fire to his own mattress. Some 100 inmates died in their cells, as firefighters were unable to locate keys to free them.