Hong Kong Protests Turn Violent Once Again in Lead-Up to Talks

Brad Friedman · 10/18/14 03:20PM

Confrontation between protesters and police turned violent once again early Sunday morning in Hong Kong. As Reuters reports, the pro-democracy movement, which has been demonstrating for the past three weeks, launched a new attack in spite of news that the movement’s leaders and members of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing government would meet next week.

Hong Kong Leader Agrees to New Talks After Video of Protester Beating

Aleksander Chan · 10/16/14 07:08AM

Hong Kong's Beijing-approved chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, has agreed to new talks with the student protesters occupying major thoroughfares of the city on the heels of a viral video of plainclothes police officers beating handcuffed activist Ken Tsang. "As long as students or other sectors in Hong Kong are prepared to focus on this issue, yes we are ready, we are prepared to start the dialogue," Leung told reporters.

Hong Kong Leader Agrees to Talks as Protesters Fend Off Assaults

Aleksander Chan · 10/03/14 07:16AM

Hong Kong's Beijing-approved chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, will speak with protesters that have occupied the city's major thoroughfares for the past week. The group, a coalition of university students and other pro-democracy advocates, have decried Beijing's decision to vet candidates in elections and have demanded for Leung to resign. While protests and demonstrations began with great fervor last weekend, numbers are beginning to wane in some districts.

Protesters Balk at Hong Kong Leader's Call to End Demonstrations

Aleksander Chan · 09/30/14 07:17AM

Hong Kong's Beijing-approved leader, Leung Chun-ying, has called for an end of the pro-democracy demonstrations being held in the semiautonomous city by tens of thousands of its citizens. He has taken specific aim at Occupy Central With Love and Peace, one of the two major organizing groups, saying, "Occupy Central founders had said repeatedly that if the movement is getting out of control, they would call for it to stop. I'm now asking them to fulfill the promise they made to society and stop this campaign immediately."

A Chinese Newspaper Ran a Fake Obit Saying Its Rival Died of AIDS

Aleksander Chan · 08/15/14 08:03AM

Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily ran a full-page ad in its Thursday edition that was an obituary for the founder and owner of its main rival, the Beijing-critical and pro-democracy Apple Daily. The fake obituary, in giant Chinese characters, said Jimmy Lai had died of AIDS.

Sarah Hedgecock · 06/03/14 10:15AM

Police try to stop a man throwing "ghost money" into Hong Kong's Chinese liaison office on Tuesday to mark the 25th anniversary of China's June 4 crackdown on Tiananmen Square. The banners read, "Stop one-party rule in China," "Memorial," and "Demand accountability for the massacre." Image via Kin Cheung/AP.

Sarah Hedgecock · 05/01/14 10:45AM

Protesters from workers' unions protest during a march to mark the May Day, which is also International Workers' Day, in Hong Kong on Thursday. The slogans, from left, read "Less holiday, Long working hours, No compensation." Image via Kin Cheung)/AP.

Ed Snowden's Great Escape: An Annotated Guide

Max Read · 06/24/13 02:32PM

On Sunday morning, Edward Snowden boarded an Aeroflot flight in Hong Kong, landing in Moscow more than 13 hours later. We think. The truth is, no one's quite sure where the NSA leaker is—Moscow? Havana? Quito? Reykjavik? (He's not on Aeroflot Flight 180, we know that much.) But we can reconstruct his movements—and speculate where he's headed.