Bad Lady Is Not A Good Person After All

Hamilton Nolan · 02/26/08 05:07PM

Don't know if anybody caught Fox's new honesty-promoting reality show "Moment of Truth" last night, but if you did, you may still feel a bit dirty. They should go ahead and rename it, "Destroy All You Hold Dear In Exchange For Thousands of Dollars, Then Be Crushed In A Stunning Twist For Our Collective National Amusement." Yea, that's better. In the clip below, our heroine, having already broken her husband's heart with her painful true answers about her lack of love for him, receives her ironic comeuppance. This show would only be justifiable if they put, say, Rupert Murdoch in the chair.

"Three Weddings And A Funeral"

Hamilton Nolan · 01/30/08 03:19PM

Tina Brown, former editor of Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and (the failed) Talk Magazine got inducted into the American Magazine Editors Hall of Fame this afternoon. She summed up her career in the industry as "Three weddings and a funeral." The funeral being Talk. Her most recent claim to fame, a biography of Diana ten years after the princess' death, presumably falls under "grave robbing".