Piers Morgan: This Girl Is Too Hot to Slaughter Her Family

Ashley Feinberg · 05/11/16 05:26PM

Last night, tweeting British man Piers Morgan aired the first part of “Killer Women,” a new special that, according to Piers, will “chill your soul.” But which part of meeting a killer did Piers find most terrifying? That someone so young and so hot could be so murdery at the very same time.

Taylor Swift Terrified to Be "Framed" for Bloody Murder

Allie Jones · 10/24/14 07:16AM

The celebration of the year of our Lord Tayla's birth continued yesterday on the Ellen show, when T. Swift dropped by to promote 1989 and tell everyone her deepest, darkest fear. "I'm scared of being framed," she said, in the voice of someone who's certainly not covering up multiple murders as we speak.

Three Texas Siblings Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Allie Jones · 06/25/14 02:55PM

A Stafford, Tx. mother found three of her children shot to death in their family home yesterday. Lt. James Leedom said, "It is apparently a murder-suicide type of dispute." The victims were identified as Faheem Mughal, 23; Fahad Mughal, 18; and Rebecca Mughal, 15.

Second Fatal Shooting Near an Occupy Protest Won't Be Good for PR

Lauri Apple · 11/11/11 07:49AM

Here's a video in which a man describes a shooting that took place "30 feet" from the Occupy Oakland site. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, protesters said they "did not recognize" the victim, who was shot in the head and died shortly thereafter. Nevertheless, Oakland mayor Jean Quan has asked protesters to shut down their camp.

Oprah Guru to Dying Sweat Lodge Victims: 'It's a Good Day to Die'

Maureen O'Connor · 12/30/09 04:43AM

Before three people died in his sweat lodge of horror, James Arthur Ray told them to "surrender to death to survive it." The police report is out, and it's thirty-three pages of insanity, chronicling Ray's sordid career and stanky retreat.

Confessed Teen Killer's Social Networking Hobbies: 'Killing People'

Maureen O'Connor · 11/20/09 01:04AM

Alyssa Bustamante's MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube profiles are eerie in that "teen who engages in self-injurious behavior and bullshits about being tough" way. Except, when she lists "killing people" as a hobby? Police say that part was true.