Homework Is Useless, According to Experts

Max Read · 03/28/12 09:41AM

Add up all the time you spent doing homework. What would you say: a million billion hours? Roughly a trillion bazillion hours doing homework, over the course of your life? Well, as it turns out, it was a complete waste of your time:

Man Accuses Daughter's Homework of Promoting Islam

Lauri Apple · 09/25/11 05:12PM

A concerned dad in Georgia was alarmed to discover that one of his seventh-grade daughter's recent homework assignments featured a letter, written from the perspective of a fictitious Saudi woman named Ahlima, that praised Sharia law and the comfort of black robes. The homework promoted Islam, the dad concluded.

L.A. Schools Give Up on Homework

Hamilton Nolan · 06/27/11 08:18AM

Homework is only the worst idea ever. Who was the first jerk who was like, "Hey, got a great idea here, after we made you sit in school all day let's send more school work home with you, so as to infest your every waking hour with dread and help you develop a lifelong loathing of formal education?" I mean come on. Kids hate doing homework. Teachers hate grading homework. Now, students in LA are more or less free to never do homework again.

Columbia Professor Ruder Than Columbia Muggers

Hamilton Nolan · 02/07/11 09:38AM

Columbia University: where you can almost taste the class conflict lapping at the edge of campus. According to a credulity-straining (fictional?) report in The Morningside Post, Columbia student Jane Watkins was hurrying up 114th on her way to class when she was rudely mugged. By very polite muggers!

Ten Sundance Movies People Are Talking About

Richard Lawson · 01/21/11 05:19PM

The Sundance Film Festival began its annual parade of indies yesterday, with many films already earning buzz. Let's take a brief look at 10 of those films, many of which happen to be about the joys and dangers of religion.

Feckless Teens Demand Never-Ending Parade of Paid Assistants

Hamilton Nolan · 11/08/10 01:31PM

Is your mollycoddled teenager playing you for a fool? It seems likely. They can't do their homework without a pricey assistant at their side; but they can make more money than you promoting tween parties. Parents, wake up!

The Articles Everyone Knows They Should Read (But No One Does)

Nick Douglas · 06/03/08 02:29PM

Instapaper adds a "read later" button to your browser, effectively allowing you to put off interesting but too-long articles while still giving a hazy sense of accomplishment. So Give Me Something To Read, a feed of the articles most often saved with Instapaper, isn't just a guide to the web's most popular pieces. It's a least-read best-seller list: The stories everyone intends to read but will never finish.