How Usher Ripped Off Homer Simpson with "OMG"

Christopher Han · 12/27/10 10:30AM

There is an uncanny resemblance between Usher's 2010 hit "OMG" and Homer Simpson's Christmas carol from the season 14 episode "Dude, Where's My Ranch?" See for yourself, if only to hear a Usher / Homer duet.

Lisa Discovers Where Marge Went Wrong on The Simpsons

Henry Baker · 11/14/10 08:50PM

As if it were any kind of surprise, tonight we found out why Marge fell from straight-A student to put-upon housewife. Get all the dirt, plus Homer's choice life advice in this clip.

The Simpsons Splurges on Some High Fashion

Henry Baker · 10/03/10 10:23PM

Tonight Marge became surprisingly funny with her purchase of a "Marc Fredericks" bag and the subsequent social boost she received. See the show's take on some haute couture brands inside.

Homer Simpson Votes For Barack Obama, Suffers the Consequences

STV · 10/01/08 11:25AM

Who would Homer Simpson vote for? It's a question pundits across America (or at least a couple of them) have spent part of 2008 attempting to answer, particularly after the failed grassroots effort to mobilize his third-party presidential candidacy for November. (It came down to his support of nuclear energy, or Marge not wanting to exploit Maggie... rumors abound). But in an excerpt we found from The Simpsons episode slated for Nov. 2, the all-important Simpson endorsement is finally revealed — better late than never for one candidate, if not quite beneficial to Homer himself. We suppose that in addition to Ohio's little-known secession from the US, the lesson here is that voting is a contact sport, and not an especially fair one. But like so many things in the world, it could have been worse; when the chips are down, those Diebold voting machines have nothing on an armed Sarah Palin. [YouTube]

Nicholas Carlson · 12/17/07 07:51PM

Famous YouTuber Noah Kalina writes on his blog that a Simpsons writer called to say using the soundtrack from Kalina's YouTube video without paying a royalty was a mistake. Whatever. Here's what we should have said the first time, instead of rambling on about fair use and copyright: Watch this awesome video of Homer Simpson parodying a famous YouTube video. [Noah Kalina. Blog.]

Fox tests fair use in Simpsons YouTube parody

Nicholas Carlson · 12/17/07 12:38PM

Noah Kalina's video, "Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years," has been viewed 7,278,715 times on YouTube. Apparently that's the threshold loser-generated content must cross before warranting a Simpsons parody. Like the one below, which isn't just clever, but also an ironic test of fair use, the broad exemption in copyright law which allows for commentary and criticism.