I Need a Dollar: Should You Give to New York's Homeless?

Paul Cantor · 07/28/14 11:30AM

I met Roger Blondell around 2 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon in early July. A tall chubby black man, Blondell was dressed in worn-in jeans and a shirt that looked like he'd had it on for a few days. Still, he didn't seem quite homeless. We were standing on the corner of 24th Street, at 7th Avenue, across from Whole Foods. "Can you spare some change?" he asked.

Canadians Make Us Look Bad by Building Nicer Benches for the Homeless

Adam Weinstein · 07/02/14 12:40PM

The homeless have it hard lately, what with all the anti-homeless measures municipalities have implemented to keep them off benches and sculptures and sidewalks. Except in Vancouver, where one charity is building "pop-up" shelters that invite the weary in.

Homeless Man Returns Engagement Ring Worth Thousands to Woman After She Accidentally Dropped It in His Change Cup

Taylor Berman · 02/13/13 08:03PM

Last Friday in Kansas City, rich engaged woman Sarah Darling spotted poor homeless man Billy Ray Harris in a part of Kansas City called The Plaza. Harris was holding a cup full of spare change, so Darling, because she felt bad that one time or perhaps because she's always been generous, emptied her coin purse into the cup and walked off, probably happy about having performed that day's Good Deed.