Nominees For Homecoming King At Tennessee High School Give Crown to Student With Neurological Disorder

Jordan Sargent · 01/24/13 09:04PM

Scotty Maloney is this year's homecoming king at Unionville Community High School in Unionville, Tenn. Maloney didn't win a vote of his peers, nor was he nominated. Instead, Maloney was awarded the crown by the school's three finalists for homecoming king — they wanted to honor Maloney, who suffers from Williams Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder that limits his ability to learn and speak.

Boy Crowned Prom Queen in Virginia

Seth Abramovitch · 05/31/11 12:56AM

There was once a time where a boy being crowned prom queen, as per his wishes, would have been an exciting and subversive act. Now it just feels like yet another manifestation of the Gleeing of America. Still, congratulations to Jake Boyer, a openly gay senior from Blacksburg High School in Virginia, who actually had the prom queen balls to go through with it.

Mischa Barton is Not Well

The Cajun Boy · 07/17/09 01:44AM

Mischa Barton was supposed to be in New York tonight to attend the premiere her of her new movie, Homecoming, which was directed by Morgan Freeman. However, she won't be attending after cops were called to her home last night.