Woman Is Officially Over It, Fills Entire Lawn With Sand

Aleksander Chan · 05/28/14 11:10AM

Georgianna Reid, of Kansas City, Mo., was sick and tired of all the work involved maintaining a beautiful yard. Mostly, she had grown to resent having to mow and water her lawn. So she resolved to do what anyone would do in her situation: fill her lawn with 80 tons of sand, for which she paid only $4,000 to do.

Paint Color Names Reach Dangerous New Heights of Absurdity

Adrian Chen · 06/30/11 11:45AM

It's not exactly news that a lot of house paint colors have wacky names. But they have apparently become even more wacky as paint companies become increasingly desperate to sell to a U.S. homeowner population so behind on their mortgage payments they're papering their walls with free subway newspapers.