Bombshell: Ricky Martin Is Gay

Richard Lawson · 03/29/10 03:32PM

Though long believed to be the hips-swivelingest, child-adoptingest, Miami-livingest, women-never-datingest straight pop star in town, Ricky Martin has revealed today, on his website, that he is a gay person who does gay things.

Iran Going Totally Batshit For The Second Weekend In A Row

Foster Kamer · 06/20/09 02:30PM

Here we go again - Iran's utterly losing it as you read this, and it's way, way worse this time: there's a potential world leader ready for martyrdom, shooting deaths, more rioting, and a possible national strike.

God Refuses to Spring For Money-Man Raffaello Follieri's $21 Million Bail

STV · 06/25/08 05:50PM

A tough week is seemingly getting tougher by the hour for Raffaelo Follieri, the deposed Anne Hathaway beau whose surplus of unused "CFO, The Vatican" business cards are the least of his mounting problems. There's also the positive drug test, the mysterious "illness and subsequent hospitalization," and the whole problem of house detention — which he could get around with the mere $21 million bail laid down Tuesday in court. Or the 29-year-old Italian could just save the cash, sit down with the feds, and see what might work to avoid the charges' maximum sentence of life in prison: