Kid Badly Wants to Say "Holy Shit," Can't Close the Deal

Chris Thompson · 10/13/15 07:53PM

Here is a video of a kid who just so damn badly wants to shout “holy shit” but just can’t get any closer than “holy crud,” which, if we’re being honest, is a poor substitute.

Holy Shit, All the Fireworks Went Off at Once

Jay Hathaway · 11/14/14 01:15PM

This video, shot earlier this year in Italy and uploaded today by a pyrotechnics enthusiast, shows what happens when an entire fireworks display accidentally goes up at once. To sum up: Holy shit. You'll want to turn the volume down a little bit for this one.

Patient Dies After Going Ballistic and Attacking Nurses With Metal Pole

Aleksander Chan · 11/07/14 07:56AM

In bizarre, terrifying video released by the Maplewood, Min. Police Department Wednesday night, 68-year-old Charles Emmett Logan can be seen attacking St. John's Hospital staff with a metal pole as they frantically try to flee. After injuring four nurses, Logan reportedly ran out into the street, was tased by police, and died soon after.

Construction Worker Killed by Tape Measure That Fell 50 Stories

Aleksander Chan · 11/03/14 03:30PM

In a freak accident that does nothing to calm your fears of objects falling from the sky and killing you, a construction worker in Jersey City died this morning after a one-pound tape measure fell 50 stories and hit him in the head.

Off-Duty Bomber Pilot Helps Land a United 737 After Captain Passes Out

Adam Weinstein · 06/02/14 04:35PM

United Flight 1637 was supposed to be a quick holiday jaunt for off-duty Air Force Captain Mike Gongol and his family. But when the 737's pilot suffered an apparent heart attack, Gongol ended up in the cockpit, helping guide the plane to an emergency landing that saved 160 souls.

Huge, Powerful Wave Crashes Through Santa Barbara Restaurant

Jordan Sargent · 03/02/14 01:42PM

Eating breakfast on a wharf overlooking the Pacific Ocean is probably amazing unless a huge wave literally crashes through the restaurant you're in, soaking you completely and washing your breakfast away.

The 10 Most Horrifying Parts of Rolling Stone's Charles Manson Profile

Camille Dodero · 11/22/13 05:21PM

Perhaps you heard the news that Charles Manson is maybe, possibly engaged to a 25-year-old? Or at least that's what Manson's paramour, Star (left, with her bb on the right), told Rolling Stone's Erik Hedegaard during the arduous process of assembling a lengthy profile on the very famous convicted murderer. Unfortunately for the aspiring bride, when Manson was asked about their impending nuptials, he rebuffed the idea as "a bunch of garbage." But apparently that's just something endearing the face of evil does.

Jaw-Dropping Meteor Fireball Explodes Over Russia, Injuring 950 the Day Before Asteroid Fly-By

Taylor Berman · 02/15/13 01:03AM

At least one meteorite crashed into Russia earlier today, causing several giant explosions and forcing schools and offices to be evacuated. The meteorite reportedly landed in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, where witnesses said the explosions shattered the windows of nearby buildings and disrupted cell phone service. There were over 400 injuries (Update: now upgraded to 950), and damage was reported in six cities. Information is still coming in and we'll update accordingly, but for now check out the amazing videos and photos from the scene. (We'll be updating with new video and photo throughout the day, so check back for new stuff.)

Baby Goes For Ride After Being Snatched by Swooping Eagle

Jordan Sargent · 12/18/12 11:39PM

Canadian eagles apparently don't share the disposition of Canadian humans, as evidenced by this dickhead eagle that tried to SNATCH A BABY STRAIGHT OFF THE GROUND in Montreal. Fortunately, the eagle was not able to pull off the greatest aviary caper in world history, probably because small humans weigh many more pounds than big rodents. Hopefully for the eagle's sake, his family won't be too angry at him after he was unable to provide for them on Reverse Thanksgiving. (Update: read theories about why the video is fake here.)

Chinese Boy Survives Fall from 20-Story Window

Jeff Neumann · 10/26/10 06:51AM

A 10-year-old Chinese boy on Monday fell from the window of his family's 20th floor apartment and miraculously survived by crashing through the rear windshield of a car. China's Xinhua News reports a pillow in the backseat cushioned his head.