Someone Broke Into Dan Bilzerian's House and Went Straight for the Guns

Jay Hathaway · 09/08/15 03:51PM

Instagram’s walking Entourage, Dan Bilzerian, enjoys many things—money, women, hurling women off his roof—but perhaps the thing he enjoys most is firearms. He owns many, many guns, and they’re quite well-documented on his social media accounts. That’s how an alleged burglar or burglars must have known right where to go during a break-in at Bilzerian’s leased Hollywood Hills mansion Friday night.

Is A Helicopter Really That Necessary? I'm Just Trying To Do Some Crunches In Peace

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/08/08 02:45PM

Stop-Loss star Ryan Phillippe's afternoon exercise was interrupted by a helicopter flying high above his Hollywood Hills home. Phillippe tried yelling at the copter, but his plea for privacy was drowned out by the whoosh of the whirling blades. Phillippe retreated inside his home, but quickly returned a few moments with an assortment of poster board and a large magic marker. Phillippe furiously scribbled a message on the poster board then held it up to the sky. The cards read: