Arnold Schwarzenegger's Last Contract

gawker.com · 04/19/10 06:23PM

It's been nearly a decade since California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in Terminator 3. Author Edward Jay Epstein looks back at Schwarzenegger's final movie contract, the product of state-of-the-art deal-making and still the gold standard for Hollywood lawyers.

Why Netflix Won't Be the HBO of the 21st Century

Gabriel Snyder · 02/15/10 09:30AM

For now, sure you might be thinking of canceling your cable service for a steady diet of Netflix. But Edward Jay Epstein explains why movie studio economics are crumpling the red envelope's dreams of being the next HBO.

Can Indie Movies Survive?

Gabriel Snyder · 02/05/10 04:31PM

Indie films have become the lost children of Hollywood in recent years. Author Edward Jay Epstein explains why Hollywood is abandoning the indie movie business in favor of merchandisable CGI spectacles like Avatar.