Bedbugs Close Sexy Hollister Store in Soho

Richard Lawson · 07/01/10 09:17AM

If you've ever walked down Broadway just south of Houston Street, you know the Hollister. There are always shirtless lifeguard-type boys outside, urging you in? It's quite effective! Not so effective? Bedbugs, which are what the store is currently battling.

Smelly Stores Cause a Stink

cityfile · 09/21/09 01:35PM

The new Hollister store on Houston and Broadway seems to be pumping its fragrance outside its doors, and neighbors are pissed that it's stinking up the 'hood, the Post reports today. (One dissenter even allegedly set off a stink bomb outside the So-Cal wannabe-surfer palace in protest.) It's only fitting that Hollister has caused such a ruckus; it's part of the Abercrombie & Fitch franchise, whose stores are notorious for overpowering the olfactory nerves of anyone who walks within 200 yards of their front door. But this isn't the first time an NYC retailer has stunk up a street. In July, Diane von Furstenberg's store on West 14th Street reportedly offended passersby because its D Eau de Parfum scent wafted well beyond its doors.

This September Is Different

cityfile · 08/06/09 07:29PM

• The September 2009 issue of Vogue looks nothing like the issue from 2007, the making of which is detailed in R.J. Cutler's new period picture, The September Issue. Take a sec to let the image of the 840-page behemoth from two years ago—the largest issue ever—burn itself into your memory. Given the way things are going, you may not see anything like it ever again. [NYT]

The War on Eyebrows, The Opening of Hollister

cityfile · 07/16/09 07:33PM

• Eyebrows are no longer cool, apparently. Time to invest in a new pair of tweezers! [NYT]
• The CFDA and Vogue announced the 2009 Fashion Fund finalists today. [Vogue, Cut]
• Back in May, it was rumored that Stefano Tonchi, editor of the Times' rapidly shrinking T magazine, was heading out the door. Now the rumor is he's taking a top job at Vogue. [FWD]
• No, Baywatch wasn't filming in Soho today. The dudes dressed as lifeguards were promoting the new Hollister store on Broadway and Houston, which officially opened today. [Racked]

The Unstoppable Kate Moss

cityfile · 07/13/09 07:30PM

• Kate Moss is teaming up with Topshop boss Philip Green and Simon Cowell to launch an entertainment conglomerate that will "rival Disney." At least that's what one British newspaper is reporting. [Daily Mail]
• Sad: Escada may be forced to file for bankruptcy in the near future. [Vogue UK, Fashionista]
• Sadder: Jon Gosselin may be teaming up with Christian Audigier to launch a kids' clothing line. [E!]
• Saddest: The rumor floating around Moscow is that Pop editor/It girl Dasha Zhukova and her billionaire boyfriend, Roman Abramovich, have gone their separate ways. [FWD]

The Disappearing DKNY Mural

Richard Lawson · 06/08/09 11:36AM

The years-old, six-story, block-lettered DKNY mural, featuring Lady Liberty, that greeted those headed south down Broadway into Soho has been painted over. Clothing store Hollister (ugh) has moved into the retail space at 600 Broadway, so they want the wall.

DKNY Wall Doomed

cityfile · 02/24/09 12:19PM

The DKNY ad at the corner of Broadway and Houston has been around for years. But it won't be there for much longer. Hollister, which is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, is taking over the space and is now planning to kill off the image of Lady Liberty and the Twin Towers—with the help of 15,000 square feet of dark gray paint, no less. Dark days indeed! [Curbed]