Frequently Nude Actress to Play Sarah Palin

Richard Lawson · 03/09/11 04:46PM

Move over Tina Fey, there's a new Sarah in town. And she just might take her clothes off. Or not. Probably not. Also today: more pilot news including a Who's the Boss update of sorts, more Survivor is coming your way, as is more Zach Braff.

'Bulimic Coke Whore' Janice Dickinson Sure Loves Her Popcorn

Mark Graham · 04/11/08 03:30PM

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Open-Faced Ham With Holland, Dazed, Sauced

Richard Lawson · 01/31/08 03:13PM

[Delightful actress (even on 'Two and a Half Men'!) Holland Taylor at a screening of the HBO film 'Bernard and Doris' in New York last night; image via INF]